Story: Ten Years Flat

[Normal] Some Scootaloo Stuff!

Author: Mimezinga

Description: A grown up Scootaloo has to deal with her ghosts and the legacy of a nearly unreachable master

Ten Years Flat

Ten Years Flat Alternate with Audio Tracks

Additional Tags: Contemplating the colors of Rainboom

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27 Responses to Story: Ten Years Flat

  1. Idol stuff again lol

  2. Jetfire says:

    So Dash merged with the Speed Force? I can get behind that.Awesome.

  3. Asphyxialice says:

    Redshift Dash is an awesome name for a trick o.o

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aw… it is sad.But the Speed Force, it makes for a happy ending.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought this was a really brilliant idea. Somepony must draw this!

  6. ultra8 says:

    Awwww!!Scoot's retrieved dash from the Speedforce. I can actually see Dash pulling something like that or a trip to the future like the PPG did.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a great read!!!Ending made me tear up, even!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Speed Force was unexpected. That was great.

  9. Alexstrazsa says:

    I had to look up what you lot were talking about, but now this all makes more sense! Great read.

  10. Anonymous says:

    man.. too bad there wont be a follow up :< i mean..if i read this correctly.. scoot brought dash back with her.. which means that everypony would be in total shock when she came back home with her.

  11. Anonymous says:

    She didn't bring back Dash, but knows that she can do it. I'd have preferred her not surviving the trick, like Rainbow Dash, but this ending was very good too.

  12. @AnonymousWhat do you mean she didn't bring Dash back? It says she does in the ending. Two trails? Having reached into the jaws of death and got DASH BACK?Well, it was clear to me at least.

  13. mimezinga says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. mimezinga says:

    Well, if you ask me i'd say that Scoot rescued Dash and Dash rescued Scoot ^_^

  15. Pseudo Faux says:

    I thought this was gonna be a grimdark with mislabeled labels. Boy was I shocked. So Dash is now ten years behind the loop, everyone's all grown up.Though… Why is rainbow dash suddenly speaking in an australian accent?

  16. mimezinga says:

    @Pseudo Faux – honest, I didn't know that was aussie accent. I'm not motherlanguage, could have used some slang in a bad way or maybe it's just poor english, I'm sorry if this somehow spoiled the story for you… is it the "kiddo" thing?

  17. Pseudo Faux says:

    @mimezinga No no, It didn't ruin the story. It just gave me the oddest imagery. I started laughing at the things my mind made. I didn't mean to offend. There's not enough good scootaloo in the world, your story is worth the 5 stars I gave it. Odd wording was -not- gonna change that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Story ends happilyWhy am I sad? :<

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I enjoyed this one up until the rescue part, I hate to say it but I was a bit let down by the happy ending that I did not feel really mesh with the buildup. Don't judge me, I just wanted to see some sad and touching spiritual closure (though I should have expected it, since it has a Normal tag)(On second thought, it would have ended somewhat happy anyway as I expected Scoot to pull it off and finally manage to move on)On the other hoof, I am starting to realize that I like Scootaloo more and more

  21. mimezinga says:

    @Fast and Free – at the beginning I was not sure about the ending to put on, I was going too for a bad end, but it had a couple of drawbacks: first of all, I wrote 2 stories, well, the other isn't that good and it's not on EqD, but you can find it on my Fanfiction ID, if you want sadness, give it a try. Anyhow, i wanted to maintain some spark of karma, i can't go on just killing everypony i write about… The second reason was that i found the bad ending on this one a bit unfair. The story tells of the day that Scootaloo at last bested her personal hero or at last reached her… well, if i made Scoot die it had a totally different meaning…. but trust me, i went this near to write a totally different ending@Pseudo Faux – absolutely no offense taken, my biggest concern is that I mess with the language so bad that readers get a totally diffferent message from the one I wanted to give, so any hint that can help me being a better writer is absolutely welcome (if you're wondering, I'm italian)

  22. lockend says:

    Honestly I thought at first scoot would just disapear like her teacher, vanishing in a pile of feathers, but I like this better hah, two pegasi just broke TIME, BEST TRICK EVER, heh even though scoot is now as good as rainbow dash, dash still has the time travel trick on her, nice story, super cute!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great little story! Somehow, the end made me lol…justasfluttershyplanned.jpgBut now I can't stop wondering:Can they travel back in time if they fly backwards?

  24. @mimezingaAh, no, I meant the rescue of Dash, I wouldn't have appreciated Scoot dying too (There is just no pleasing me, sorry about that)I expected Scoot to pull the trick off and finally manage to cope with her grief and move onBut in the end it's your story, and a good one too

  25. Scootastic! I kinda want to see more.

  26. Scootastic! I kinda want to see more.

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