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End of May Conventions and Cosplays Compilation Post

Yesterday I asked everyone to send me images/videos/writeups from various conventions going on this week.  There were 3 big ones! 1.) Phoenix Comic Con2.) Fanime3.) Anime North 2011 Now before you continue after the break… I realize this isn't for … Continue reading

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Bnet (CBS Interactive Business Network) Reports on Friendship is Magic!

Have some ironpony Anyway, it looks like another large news organization has jumped on the pony trend bandwagon. This time CBS’s news blog has an article up that primarily focuses on the business aspect of Friendship is Magic. Their primary … Continue reading

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Flankbook Domain Update

Flankbook has moved on to a new domain, and the admin asked me to let everypony know.  I guess people were confused! He has also added personal image albums and a few other new features to spice things up a … Continue reading

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PMV Xponies / Call of Pony: Modern Warmare 3 / Perform This Way

Trailers and Weird Al time! Also some ridiculously cute trixie up above that I will sneak in at every opportunity.  1.) X-Ponies First Class: Pinkamina's School For Gifted Fillies 2.) Call of Pony: Modern Warmare 33.) Perform This Way Read … Continue reading

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PMV: Rainbow Syndrome / Reading a Book / We’ll Meet Again

Number one is so blindingly happy. It's a shame it sort of has a dark side hidden in there. 1.) Double rainbow syndrome 2.) Twilight's Reading a Book 3.) We'll Meet Again Read more »

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Story: A Day with the Wonderbolts

[Normal] It’s totally Rainbow Dash day or something. Still /r/ing a widescreen version of this btw, thanks! Author: The Dark Griffon Description: Rainbow Dash gets to live her dream — a day with the famous Wonderbolts. What does the leader … Continue reading


Hotcha Poniday For Strings / She’s a Horse / Clone High

Random PMV Time! 1.) Hotcha Poniday For Strings 2.) She's a Horse (probably nsfw song lyrics) 3.) Clony High Read more »

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