Story: Flying Right


Author: Tanner

Description:  Scootaloo can’t wait to fly! During spring break she goes and ask Rainbow Dash to teach her and quickly finds out how tough flight lessons can really be.

Flying Right

Additional Tags: Tough Love, Crusaders

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29 Responses to Story: Flying Right

  1. ruff1298 says:

    Rainbow Dash repeating the sins of past generations makes me sad.But, Rainbow Dash actually teaching Scootaloo how to fly, plus the fact that this gives some justification for Scootabuse, was nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh ya Lauren? It's called tough love.Deal with it.

  3. Tales says:

    I'm scared, is this major Scootabuse?

  4. Anonymous says:

    YES i needed thisits almost counter scootabusethank you. now i will smile whenever i see those scootabuse pictures.

  5. Bobcat says:

    Hm. The ends do not justify the means. It's better than the absolutely random Scootabuse, but this still pisses me off and makes me want to smack Dash upside the head.

  6. QuantumFire says:


  7. fireant says:

    It was ok. I hate Scootabuse, for I Like her – she is the only Cutie Mark Crusader with an actual personality, for Luna's Sake! But the story was written quite well and have inside logic – I can see Dashie being mean for the sake of teaching Scoot a lesson about Hard Life of the Flyer and making her ready for difficulties in the not so distand future, so its okay. And ending was just sweet ;)3,5 Stars here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This story was so good, the ending made me baww

  9. Anonymous says:

    and nopony mentioned how out of character Rainbow Dash was.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was kind of hoping that Rainbow Dash was hitting specific spots and muscles to force Scootaloo's body to use the right muscles to fly. Her just beating her to get her ready for flight school abuse is doesn't have too much reasoning

  11. What is this story, I don't even–

  12. Oh nevermind, I just read the ending. It was weird when you had Rainbow Dash cussing (too much?) at Scootaloo, but the ending was worth it.

  13. Phoe says:

    Sometimes it amazes me the sorts of things people will accept just because you wrap it in a happy paper. But ok, sure. Never once was written that which could be unwritten. Let's chat for a bit about what's here.Author – be mindful of your subject matter at all times. Your word choice and your frame story indicate an understanding of how sensitive the issue is, but when you cut back to your frame story trying to blunt the edge of the primary narration, you carried over into silly antics about the meaning of the word 'vindicate' and made jokes about the Applejack song. A splash of humor can aid a great many otherwise overly dark scenes, but in this case you took me completely out of the piece: I wasn't watching two fillies concerned for their friends well being, hearing her out because they wanted to help her, I saw kids playing and being oblivious to their own sense of urgency. Particularly juxtaposed by the montage of Rainbow Dash beating Scootaloo until she develops a flinching reflex, you're pulling the reader too far in too many different directions. It's jarring. I'm going to emphasize this again, because it's important: Be. Mindful. Of. Your. Subject. Matter. Discretion where discretion is called for. Find the right character for the right scene, and make damn sure every scene adds to your intended conclusion. And ask yourself what justifies the actions that led the narration to that conclusion. Dash is validated for pummeling Scootaloo by every character with a speaking part. The reader is being led by the hand, pulled very forcibly even, to a place where she can sit and nod her head and go, "Ah. Yes, tough love is the best love." But what's really there? What's *actually* in the story to let the reader reach that conclusion for herself? I see nothing. I'm being told what to think, and that's not a sign of quality writing. If you want to justify abuse, justify it. Show me. Make me understand, through sight and sound and smell, through Scootaloo… why it was all good. Why this was Tough Love, and not criminal abuse. And you know something? That's difficult. That's ludicrously, ridiculously difficult. And if in the end you can't make it happen, that doesn't say anything bad about you as an author. I'd never be able to pull it off. I don't know anypony I'd trust to make it happen, and I'm less than convinced it's ever going to be worth the time and effort that would need to go into getting it where it needs to be. But if this is really the story you want to write, that's what you're going to need to do. Step it up. Don't slap a pretty bow on an ugly painting and ask me to call the whole thing beautiful.

  14. Rainbow Dosh says:

    @Phoe>opinionsDid someone smack you around as a kid? Because you sound like you've got more baggage than Heathrow Airport during peak hour.Flying is unsafe as hell by definition. If you screw up, you can flat-out die. When you're teaching someone something where if they screw up, they can die, then you're sure as hell justified giving them a whack if they're not paying attention, because a bruise beats being turned two-dimensional because they screwed it up, especially since even the most minor of screw-ups were shown in the story to do much more damage than a cuff upside the head.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This story isn't sad. It's closer to grimdark, but it isn't that either.

  16. hawkysu says:

    I…I liked it :<

  17. Anonymous says:

    I still think Scootaloo should tell the others about RD's abusive behavior. Someone make a part 2

  18. Anonymous says:

    It's a good story with a nice ending. In the real world chicks get either pushed off of trees and fly or die or they leap themselves, sentient beings requiring training like that only makes sense that it'd be rough to make sure it makes an impact that sticks with them through the years.There wasn't anything more evil about the training than the training that the Army and the Marines undergo, it's merely to toughen them up in preparation for doing things that could get you killed if you screw them up. If there's a part 2 it should talk about Fluttershy and how since she never managed to complete her flight training she only flies with a partner around or very low to the ground so she doesn't DIE from any mistakes.

  19. Anonymous says:

    AND NOW A RANDOM BIASED OPINION FROM SOME ASSHOLE ONLINE!!!!! This story wasn't that grate Rainbow was just so out of character that it kinda ruined it for me. The story could have used a random trainer and I think it would have been better for it because then I wouldn't have a character to compare it to. overall its kinda brutal. >jumping off cliffs/crashing over and over I can forgive because it is flying so it makes sense in context. Just like riding a bike and falling off only a bit more extreme for a more extreme activity. >Dash yelling insults like scoots is in boot camp I could forgive in context of hard training if it was anyone but dash but rainbow has shown in the show that she is more of a positive inspirational speaker. like go on you can do it!so what if you fell get back on and try again you wana be a good flyer dont you? then get out there and show them! But in the story she just calls her worthless over and over witch seem almost like the opposite kind of motivation. (This is more my opinion of the character based on what I have seen of the show)>dash beating scoot went way to far in my opinion its one thing if she lightly smacked her once or twice for mouthing off or complaining excessively but what she basically did in the story is beat an already injured child and that's not cool! Overall it was written well and the concept is really hard to pull off but the content was just too out there for it to be a mlp fic that doesn't break character. id give it a 4/5 if it didn't break rainbows character so badly but because it dose 3/5

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hate Scootabuse with a passion, but this story was actually good, if only because the "abuse" was justifiable, and it had a happy ending. Although many people have complained about Dash being out of character, I, for one, can see her having a Drill Sergeant mentality when it comes to these sorts of things. The actual hitting is a bit hard to believe, but everything else felt very right.

  21. Anonymous says:

    @all more-than-five-paragraph responsesTL;DR thanks for wasting your timeBut yeah at first i was like ehh another scootabuse fic but at the end it all made sense :)TOUGH LOVE BABY!

  22. 9Nine9 says:

    So many trolls in this fic's comments, hurr.@Rainbow DoshYou missed the entire point of Phoe's comment.Phoe is trying to explain that in a story, she doesn't think that there was enough thought or feeling either way about everything that happened, for us to understand why the characters feel the way they do. I don't think cake and flying once somehow vindicates a week of physical abuse, but maybe I'm weird.Yes it's obviously an opinion. She didn't say the story was beyond hope or worthless, she said it was something that was difficult to do and that the author didn't achieve it. That hapens pretty often in pony FFs when it comes to making characters be in character.

  23. 9Nine9 says:

    Also, a note to you author: the only reason there is scootabuse is because RD is supposed to be Scootaloo's sister. She's not her sister.Nothing in story matters.

  24. Edef says:

    This story veers away from the 'correct' setting of Scootabuse, which is one where RD is actually Scoot's older sister. Rainbow Dash switches immediately to asshole then back, and the abuse itself seemed like a huge joke. The CMC were so serious about telling on RD but then are suddenly more interested in word-usage. Not to mention RD beating on someone who's parent are around isn't plausible in any setting.Also, what Phoe said.

  25. Phoe says:

    @9Nine9Did you ever know that you're my hero? Thank you.

  26. Anonymous says:

    That story was kinda… misleading. I saw a short comic a few days ago, where Scootaloo apparently got beat up by Rainbow and the other two fillies see her, I think that was the inspiration for this fic. But… that twist just seemed a little weird, I would have expected Rainbow to stay dark and keep on beating and making fun of Scoot. But yeah… Everything's kind of strange here.

  27. nova_25 says:

    It's that kind of story (2/3 of it, at least) that gives 'Right' to Faust's DA comment… when she said that RD was unfit to be Scootaloo's sister……bad idea… :(There's no way that RD would threat a foal like that. Not a chance in a life-time.

  28. Matthew-147 says:

    I can see the verbal abuse got tough love but I just can't picture RD physicaly harming anypony=(.

  29. Anonymous says:

    While I liked it I do have to agree that there wasn't really enough justification for Dash's actions which makes her seem really out of character. All the other characters were fine though and it was a nice story overall.Yay Scootabuse.

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