Story: The Prophecy – Forgotten Chapters

[Normal] Luna and Celestia need more air time!

Author: Nova25

Description: Pony History holds numerous information on the actual prophecy of Nightmare Moon’s return, but little is really known about the circumstances which led to her escape. Specifically, the mention : ”…and the stars will aid in her escape” always left even the most erudite historians puzzled. Here are the Forgotten Chapters!

The Prophecy – Forgotten Chapter 1: Dawn
The Prophecy – Forgotten Chapter 2: Dusk

Additional Tags: Prophecy Secrets History Evil Forgotten

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6 Responses to Story: The Prophecy – Forgotten Chapters

  1. Anonymous says:

    You misspelled *circumstances.

  2. nova_25 says:

    @AnonymousAt least, it's not in the story…Maybe Sephisto can correct that ?

  3. Yeesh, more Nova 25? What a beast.

  4. nova_25 says:

    @FasterThenRainbowsMore like an average writter trying to do better each time. ;)But thanks, I guess ? (beast is good, right ?)

  5. nova_25 says:

    I wonder…I never really checked it, but how long does it usually take for the New Stories to go into the ''Story Archive'' page ?

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