Story: The Party Never Ended (Updated FINISHED!)

[Shipping] I don’t think it’s possible to get tired of Pinkie/Dash shipping.

It is possible to run out of images of them shipping though!

So I’ll use my favorite one for the second time, if anyone has a new one that I somehow missed, let me know and I’ll give it a new image.

Author: ButterScotchSundae

Description: Pinkie Pie’s unrequited love for Rainbow Dash reaches crisis point as she fears the party in her heart has at long last come to an end.

The Party Never Ended
The Party Never Ended Part 2 
The Party Never Ended Part 3  + Comic!
The Party Never Ended Part 4 
The Party Never Ended Part 5 
The Party Never Ended Part 6 
The Party Never Ended Part 7
The Party Never Ended Part 8
The Party Never Ended Part 9
The Party Never Ended Part 10
The Party Never Ended Part 11
The Party Never Ended Part 12
The Party Never Ended Part 13

Story is now COMPLETE!

The Party Never Ended – Preliminary Edition.epub
The Party Never Ended – Preliminary

Bonus chapter from Another Author

Past Regrets

Description: Two months after Nightmare was defeated by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie and his storm was dissipated by their Sonic Rainboom, Ponyville has been restored and everypony has gone on with their lives. Except for Rainbow Dash, who still has some demons from her past to deal

[Shipping]  Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, emotional, mental, struggle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It really is the best ship from this series; impossible to get tired of it, lol.Feeling pretty bad for Pinkie in this one, so far.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it 404'd on me 😦

  3. Pacce says:

    *SPOILERS*I picture so clearly in my head Pinkie Pie setting up an elaborate party and then tearing it apart while crying.That hurts.And she does this EVERY SINGLE MONTH.That breaks my heart.

  4. Sethisto says:

    Woops, fixed it.I forgot to check it, literally 70% of the time it randomly adds in front. No clue why.

  5. It should be "The Party Hasn't Ended", but "The Party Has Ended" is a far better name for the first part.Glad people are enjoying it. Poor Pinkie Pie ;_;

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please finish. With anything.It just needs a resolution. Somebody needs some type of conclusion. Because this is a messed up place to stop.

  7. Phoe says:

    The Pinkie-POV is startlingly accurate, and I think its the strength of the piece. We're thrust rather forcefully into her head, and what we find there is… mixed. Sufficiently silly, surprisingly sad, with a splash of sarsaparilla. She's getting torn to pieces and fighting to hide it, and I can feel the impact of it all with startling clarity. All because you nailed the character so well. So congratulations, you win a clap. Clap, clap, clap for you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do I really have to be a DeviantArt member?? Ugh!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My internets… they all belong to you. Please for equestrias sake, finish this masterpiece of a ship.

  10. Part 2 is up. Part 3 will be up quite soon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is easily my favourite Pinkie/Dash story. I think many of us can probably understand a little bit about where Pinkie is coming from in this. I have to admit, even though she's just a fictional character (admittedly, one I really like), I really feel for her in this.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That new picture is adorable. Sure, it's not making out, but even when she's being obnoxious Pinkie is still so lovably cute, lol. Dash's irritation must be an act, 'cuz nobody could really be annoyed by that. πŸ˜›

  13. Phoe says:

    You certainly are a very prolific author, which is wonderful as it means the rest of us are treated to the fruits of your talent and hard work. I'll also admit I'm jealous of your current presence "in the zone"; whenever I want to write something, I always need to go to great lengths to force myself to follow up on it – restless nights spent feverishly concocting the romantic entanglement of cartoon ponies seems like my idea of heaven. I've said this about the first chapter, but to reiterate, the characterization in this story is strong enough that pretty much anything could stand on its back. You are repeatedly nailing speech patterns, mannerisms, and the overall atmosphere to the point where your story feels like it could be an episode of the show. And because of that your plotline flows from a willing sense of believability that makes the whole thing just feel… right. Pinkie/Dash isn't my favorite pairing by any stretch of the imagination, but while reading I find myself overlooking that because the sense of believability just hangs in the air, and who am I to argue with love?I hope this doesn't seem like overly effusive praise. I know that as an author a million kind words can occasionally be frustrating when you want to know what needs improvement (not to put words in your mouth), but in this case I feel it's better for me to point at the major strength and hop up and down going, "That! More of that!"

  14. Anonymous says:

    Out of absolute curiosity, my friend, are you some kind of professional writer?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Don't have permission to access for part 3? Must request access from owner?Damn, what a tease, with parts 1 and 2 being open.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why in GOD'S name do you want to see the ponies getting all lesbian for each other?I don't get it!

  17. Anonymous says:

    this had better end at least somewhat happily or I am going to hang myself

  18. Thanks for all your comments, everyone. (Even you, Feb 24 1.10 AM Anonymous – you big kidder, you!)Pacce – every human being loves to get praise. I get plenty of criticism usually, so getting some overwhelmingly positive comments is nice. I'm just glad you're enjoying the story so much. I hope part 4 will be satisfying for everyone. And thank you too, Phoe, for the kind words and the claps!Feb 23 6:22 PM Anonymous: I'm merely a wannabe writer, but thanks you for the compliment! By day I am an educator; by night, I spin tales of lesbian ponies.

  19. Phoe says:

    @ButterscotchSundaeYou are the BEST kind of super hero. Screw Batman…Also, cheese and crackers is Chapter 3 ever sad. I let out a little squeak at the end. Which surprised me, because as emotional a person as I can be, I'm not usually swept into a physical reaction by a short story… and there just went a couple of tears.I'm a reporter now! Er… ahem. Chapter 3 is very much about anticipation, so even though there isn't much happening as far as physical actions and the passage of time are concerned, I can't see many people complaining. It's much more about using Pinkie as a device to fill the reader with her sense of nervousness in needing to open a door that she doesn't know where it leads, and then leaving us with the same sense of… deflation that she feels at the climax. One more chapter, yes? I'm very interested in seeing what sort of catharsis you deliver.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hope this has a happy ending for Pinkie…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can I get the whole thing in google docs format please?

  22. Sethisto says:

    @AnonymousThat is awesomeYou should stack it though. It's really difficult to read since its so long ;p

  23. Wakboth says:

    Oh, Dash, Dash. You really can't handle these things, can you?

  24. Anonymous says:

    @SethistoI didn't make it, I just posted it.

  25. SmittyG says:

    I thought it would be better long ways, that way you just scroll along through it as everyone has wide screen.I'll try vertical when I get home though, how many panels across did you have in mind? 1 or 2?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can you please end the next chapter on a high note? Enjoying it so far but goddamn noone can catch a break.

  27. Anonymous says:

    @SmittyGIt's not that it's the whole horizontal thing.It's just a biiiiit too tall for anyone with less than a 1080p monitor to view comfortably while reading horizontal-ways.

  28. SmittyG says:

    Oh, I see.. D'oh, it's cause I use 2540×1600 I never notice. I'll fiddle when I get home, Thanks

  29. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why I feel this was by part 4 read kinda… awkward.Part 1-3 were all awesome though and I am looking forward to the ending.

  30. Google docs version can be found here: anon. Not trying to justify myself, but this is actually half of the next section of the story – it grew out of control, and the rest will be posted as Part 5 in the next couple of days. Maybe the lack of action and cliffhanger makes it seem awkward?Anyway, glad to have you along for the adventure.γ€€I hope the ending will be worth it!BS

  31. I guess you know what pictures you need to request from drawfriends πŸ˜›

  32. Anonymous says:

    @ButterscotchSundaeI think it's just a personal problem with the characterization of Dash lolEither way I am still really enjoying it.Keep up the good work :3

  33. SmittyG says:

    Very good, Dash is a little bit "me, me, me" here which is rather annoying, but this is really setting the scene up for the next part, can't wait for the next instalment.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I'm glad this was less depressing than the previous entries, lol. Guilty Dash (and she deserves to be for running Pinkie out of town, lol :P) is much less depressing than sad Pinkie.I think Dash's focus on herself in this part of mostly a result of deflecting (or whatever you call it) because she's actually really upset about Pinkie leaving. It sounds like she's had some crappy experience with relationships, which is maybe why she acted the way she did after Pinkie kissed her so unexpectedly.

  35. AugieDog says:

    Complete newby here–I'd never even heard of 4chan before Googling the word "Equestria" in search of other pony fans brought me here last week–so I'm wondering why the word "shipping" gets used for what in other science-fiction and fantasy fandoms would be called "slash"? Or are the origins of the tag lost in the mists of time?Good story, by the way. πŸ™‚

  36. Anonymous says:

    slash is smut, shipping is just relationshipping.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Here's a new kissing pic:Warning: It's fucking bigger than my PC's screenAND IT'S JUST A PANEL's based on chapter 3I think that the full comic will be posted on the friendoff

  38. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousThat's hotter than it should be. :P'cuz it shouldn't be at all, lol.

  39. Anonymous says:

    If the friend she's talking about turns out to be Gilda, I will be very unhappy :3

  40. Pacce says:

    Is it wrong that I just hope that no one's friggin' dead before this is over?

  41. Anonymous says:

    You're far too good at writing. Reading this story has been painful, because Pinkie's side of it is just so sad to listen to and think about. Keep up the great writing; I love having my heartstrings pulled.

  42. Anonymous says:

    "Also a new image so I can attempt to avoid leaving ponies making out on the top of the page over night again :3"Blog pony, you're okay.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Wasn't expecting that gotta admit.

  44. locojom says:

    I think this is the story I look more forward to read =3(the first chapter was more than enough to make me love it)

  45. Phoe says:

    Well, that was… unexpected. I'm going to admit, I'm not sure whether or not that's good unexpected or bad unexpected. Your imagery, descriptions, and characterization are all still very strong, but… I just… I mean, only days ago I was reading this sad and sweet story about two ponies struggling with their feelings for one another, and suddenly pouncing out of the shadows of that emotional conflict is this super grand adventure to save Equestria from a super ancient eldritch pony abomination. What am I reading? Is this about to wind up as a super twisted pony version of It's a Wonderful Life? Is Pinkie going to drop from the sky and help form Voltron to save Rainbow Dash from herself? I am wholly mystified right now. Certainly no one can accuse you of lacking creativity… but, I think how this ends is going to wind up coloring my opinion of these twists. But congratulations on building a roller coaster. Yikes.

  46. Pacce says:

    @PhoeMy feelings exactly.It's all on the ending now to wrap this thing together.No pressure or anything!

  47. Anonymous says:

    This story is now absolutely kuh-ray-zee

  48. Anonymous says:

    can i please get this in a Google doc version of parts 1-3… i really don't feel like making a DeviantArt account

  49. Pacce says:

    @Splash BlueI say everything now hangs on the ending. If it can bring it all together then this will be so awesome.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I think this is what you'd call a WHAM Episode. Also I keep thinking nightmare is a subprogram of AM and she's going to post the bad ending first to piss ponies off which has a imustscream moment in it. Then post the good shipping ending.

  51. Fairy Slayer says:

    Buttersc0tchSundae just gave us a Pinkie Promise, so I'll make sure to read the last chapter. (I hope B0S isn't upset about my stark commentary.)One thing is certain: all of this has been fantastic promotion for the story. πŸ™‚

  52. Hi everyone,As Fairy Slayer mentioned, I've written a little journal entry to try and soothe some jangled nerves. tl;dr version:*The story isn't going to turn grimdark, even though Nightmare is a bit of a scary character;*The story is still PinkieDash shipping – it just got a bit dramatic is all.*The story will end in the next part, and all the threads will be tied up (so no LOST-style wtf ending) – I promise!Thanks for reading!

  53. Anonymous says:

    @ButterscotchSundaeKeep going! One of the best FiM fics out there!

  54. Anonymous says:

    I initially didn't like this story very much. Pinkie's whole party thing seemed very overly dramatic and out of place in a simple romance story. Now I see that this is not a simple romance story. Now it makes more sense.Now I like this story more.

  55. Man, I think it's pretty funny how like, the tone and genre of this story just completely changed.But it's okay, I still like it.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that regardless of the massive amount of Pinkie/Dash content on this site, Applejack and Dash is still the most popular ship.I bet that pisses some people off.

  57. Phoe says:

    I remember being promised closure with this chapter. Butterscotch, this is not closure. This is not closure at all! Resolution nothing, we haven't even hit the climax yet… But well, I'm still willing to go along for the ride. I know how writing gets. These things just sort of grow on you while you're in the middle of them, and the next thing you know it's 4 times the size you had planned and you're farther away from the ending than where you started. And that's half the fun. But I really do hope you've got a legitimate finale in you soon; there's an awful lot of wavering in my heart in regards to this story, and I fear the poor little thing will pop soon…

  58. Anonymous says:

    WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER, callin that right now

  59. Anonymous says:

    most epic ship ever.also turning into inception!

  60. Nines says:

    @PhoeSeems planned to me. This is just to delve into their characters to see why this is so hard for Rainbow to accept, and why Pinkie feels so rejected as to leave with that silly note.I look forward to more of the story.

  61. Phoe says:

    @NinesYou're telling me it was the plan the entire time to promise that everything would be wrapped up nice in neat in just one more chapter, and then write intentionally write another setup piece? Gosh I hope not.

  62. @PhoeHi Phoe. Yeah, sorry for the further set-up piece. I guess I could have just had Celestia "It's Magic – I ain't gotta explain shit" Twilight into Pinkie's dream, but I just couldn't do it… Also, I had so much fun writing Part 7 (coming tonight) that the ending is going to take a little bit more than just one more part – but this is the beginning of the end and I hope you will find it worthwhile. Sorry to bend a Pinkie-promise.@NinesNines, you're on the right track. I wonder why more people aren't asking why Dash had such an extreme reaction to Pinkie's kiss. Wouldn't a "Geeze, I'm TOTALLY flattered, Pinkie Pie… but I'm kinda in a complicated part of my life right now and I don't really go in for all that lovey-dovey stuff…" etc. have sufficed? Then I could have written THE END and got my life back!

  63. TooMuch says:

    Someone call George Micheal, because that was a WHAM episode.Seriously, though, after chapter 1, I'm going to follow this story wherever it goes. It had an awesome beginning and the middle has not let me down.

  64. Naxts says:

    I'm not exactly sure if I like how its going. I really liked your story until this part. It seems a bit rushed and I seemed to be very confused with the tone of the story as I was reading this. I mean, everypony is in character, but it kindda out of place on the situation they're in. I mean, I would think that in a situation as dire as this, they would ya know, serious up?Still. Its an interesting story and I await the next part. Thanks for writing this!

  65. Phoe says:

    After reading Part 8, I had to dive back through the first 7 parts again. Just had to do it. And for the first time since the story began this unexpected shift, I am at peace with your narrative decisions. I believe I can see where this is going (or at least what it's attempting to do), and… you know, it fits. It really does. Some time and many chapters ago, I recall praising the strength of your characterization and the believability of the emotions present in the story. It was earthy, it was bittersweet, and it snuck up on you and squeezed the back of your shoulder when you weren't looking. That is no longer true. It's not that nopony's in character anymore or that you can't connect to them, but that grounding, that sense of the mundane has been completely shattered. And now that set pieces that made the plot move have all been swept into the background and we step into the land of dreams, what are we left with? Raw emotion. There's a connectivity that's not found in theme and tone, but in feelings. So… yeah. Well done. Tremendously well done. If I ever underestimate you again, make me pay for it.

  66. Ummm… Dash never rescued Pinkie from a collapsing bridge. I think you're remembering the landslide right after they got into the forest.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed it up until the absolute end of part 6. I was sort of worried that it was going to turn. Fortunately I instantly began to enjoy it again in part 7. It turned the story into something much different than i was expecting but im enjoying it all the same.

  68. Anonymous says:

    the pony dreams is how inception should've been more like

  69. Anonymous says:

    dammit i know this is gonna end sadly

  70. Anonymous says:

    half expecting it to turn into another "Cupcake" while reading some parts. Thankfully it didn't. Great story , looking forwards to ending

  71. Naxts says:

    My my. Things just keep getting more and more interesting.I really like whats going on right now. Can't wait for the next part.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone shove this story in google docs format?I hate that I'm missing parts of it because I don't have a DA

  73. @AnonymousHey anon. I'll remove the mature blocking thing that is stopping you from accessing it – there's nothing more objectionable than a kiss in the story anyway. Let me know if you're still having a problem.BS

  74. @AnonymousHey anon,Just changed it so that there's no warning on those early parts now – everybody should be able to see it.BS

  75. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else getting a 404 on pt 6?

  76. Mario says:

    Dammit. There's going to be more? I don't know how much more heart-breaking stuff I can take. And I thought I liked making people cry.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Damnit, why does that always happen to Pinkie Pie?On the upside, author says she's "Princess Bride Westley Dead," aka "Only Mostly Dead!"

  78. Hikuro14 says:

    That…was….painful.Such a sad ending…to a great story.

  79. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous"It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive."

  80. Anonymous says:

    dont worry its not the end. pinkie dying right at the end would just be flat.unless dash gets over her and finds starcatcher…

  81. Anonymous says:

    There are two ways the story could go, which is why I hope a third option is taken because I'm sure I know what's going to happen in number 11.

  82. Anonymous says:

    this stuff's powerful . . .

  83. Anonymous says:

    Poor dash. How many times does she need to say she's not a fillyfooler?

  84. Anonymous says:

    @AnonUntil she realizes THAT SHE'S LYING TO HERSELF.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Dead Pinkie?Needs more Twilight with real 'Forever Alone' action.Nah, I'm pretty sure it'll have a somewhat happy ending. Otherwise we'll just have to resort to lynch mobbing.

  86. nukeiffum says:

    /slowclap.gifBravo, Butterscotch, bravo. Eagerly awaiting your conclusion.

  87. Arc Tempest says:

    I swear on my life, butterscotch.I swear. I fucking swear to celestia.I don't even know.RAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG

  88. 9Nine9 says:

    I already said everything I wanted to on dA so I'll just say this.Pinkie?Pinkie!?PINKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(not unlike snake)

  89. Anonymous says:

    I very nearly cried over the Star Catcher thing. Excuse me but way to be a bitch, Dash. I'd like to see THAT little storyline revisited and settled in some not horrifically depressing manner though to be fair I don't see how. The Pinkie Pie thing, not so much. Just too… convoluted. I mean, okay, after all that playing straight the magic of laughter and friendship stuff… someone just died because she got rejected by her crush. Melodrama whiplash, much?

  90. Naxts says:

    NOOOOOOO PINKIE!!!It can't end this way! It just can't!PLOT TWIST TIME PLEASE.

  91. Alright, I've heard a lot of praise about this story, so I finally decided to read it, and I'm sick to my stomach. Not because of a lack of quality, it's possibly the best fanfic I've ever read. This story is so emotionally touching, and yet so depressing, with the many things Pinkie did to tell Rainbow that she loved her, only to get rejected and KILLED. I'm told that things will get better with the last part, and I sure hope so. I need some happy to counteract all the sadness this brings to my heart.

  92. Can't wait for the conclusion O:

  93. Anonymous says:

    I never thought I'd read a fanfiction, especially shipping, and I certainly never thought I'd find myself liking it. THIS, however…Words cannot describe how heartbreaking this is for me,and I am nit an emotional guy. Seriously, Butterscotch, my hat is off to you.

  94. Adamaster says:

    Part 11 is here! well half of it anyway.. THIS TO THE LIST

  95. Anonymous says:

    Probably on of the best I've read. Great Job!

  96. 9Nine9 says:

    @AdamasterWE ADMIRE YOUR DEVOTION BUT SOMETHING TELLS ME BSS SENDS THESE IN STILL.As I said on DA, it's very good and a fun story. I'll do a really big review-thing when you finish it all.

  97. Naxts says:

    Whoa. Just read the new part. You've certainly added a bunch of depth into the antagonist. Though I honestly really am confused as to what happened. I thought Pinkie died?

  98. Anonymous says:

    lol, Pinkie can't die. Because Pinkie.

  99. Lol, way to pwn all grimdark fics here!

  100. Pacce says:

    @NaxtsShe's only MOSTLY dead.Also, I think we're way past due for an epic tag on here.

  101. Anonymous says:

    up to part 6 nowshit's about to get Psychonauts on my ass

  102. @Naxts…you think Dash really woke up? I see no reason to believe any given reality as long as Nightmare's messing with their minds.And I know if I were going into psychic warfare, Pinkie's the one I'd want on my side.

  103. Anonymous says:

    …you just got Weatherwaxed!

  104. Anonymous says:


  105. Hiro says:

    my heartit breaks…

  106. Anonymous says:

    Wait… did Pinkie just back hack… What… why isn't 12 out nao….

  107. Anonymous says:

    that is going to stay with me for awhile. parts of it are going to flash back to me at weird times. every eye shimmer, streams of tears, looks of determination, being smothered by something and then leaping back into it. i can't praise this highly enough, i really can't.

  108. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousI think you need some help, bro.

  109. Loneliness says:

    This needs two more tags:[Sad] and [Epic]Anyone agrees?

  110. Let's hold off on the [Sad] tag until we see the ending. :)Epic?… not sure I'd call it that. It's actually an intensely personal story, rather than the grand scale and scope that "epic" suggests. Other opinions?

  111. Anonymous says:

    @LordOfTheWrongs12 parts for a fanfic not epic enough?

  112. Epicness is not determined by length, darling.(That's what SHE said!)

  113. CB says:

    @LordOfTheWrongs"Out in the Cold" has a [sad] tag, yet it has a happy ending. This fic has plenty of sad moments, and I could mention some.This story isn't "just another shipfic where then they kissed", although it started as one, it developed into something more… an adventure to the bottom of their dreams and hearts, to fight an ancient evil spirit who wants to destroy ponyville and take Dash's body.A little Grimdark, but 100% Grimdark.Sad, but not 100% sadShippy, but not 100% shippingNormal, but not normal.So yeah, this fic is pretty much different than any other shipfic

  114. 9Nine9 says:

    I said everything I wanted to on dA. Brilliant and amazing, worth five stars, and just incredibly well written, covering all your bases and filling up each character with more emotion than the show they're from.

  115. 9Nine9 says:

    @LordOfTheWrongs… actually, when used as a term to define genre, it does imply a journey of some length.Though not physically, to say these two did not journey would be stupid. And the story is 12 parts long. Herp.

  116. Anonymous says:

    One again, I am amazed.Spanning across multiple genres, this can be said to be just plain epic.So much detail and beauty and depth…The author deserves a muffin.I can't think of anything else.

  117. Anonymous says:

    lets seeshipping checkcute fluffy parts checkintense sad drama checkepic action checkpsychic warfare checkthis probably put me through almost every emotion so glad for pinkie and dash

  118. Sir Leadhead says:

    been watching this, but i dont like to start things that arent finished yet. now that it is finished, I think I'll start it. By the looks of the star rating and comments, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it immensely.So I copy/Pasted the whole thing to one word document so I could read it on the bus and offline and stuff. 125 pages on Word with default settings and keeping the formatting you had in dA. Holy Celestia. I love you. Long fics are the best πŸ˜€ (not that length is it's ONLY good quality.)

  119. Brian says:

    *puts on fez and bow tie*Hello, I'm the Fanfic Critic, I read it so that you will too!I gotta say…I believe with all my crusty critic heart that THIS is the greatest fanfic for anything, ever. It is magnificent, intense, emotional. Hitting every single chord perfectly, it can not be reccommended enough. I mean, frak, this is the best fic ever! EVER!

  120. nukeiffum says:

    AND THEN THEY–/shotAnyways, my major gripes with this story would be how formulaic the first third of the conclusion was, and the fact that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie having sex completely came out of left field. Implying they had a child was enough, but explicitly stating that they had sex felt unnecessary and the ending would have been better without it. Going back to my criticism of the formulaic parts, it really lacked the needed tension. When you already know or at least have a decent idea of what's going on, any and all danger the reader would've felt during that scene would be taken away since you'd know that everything would turn out okay.That being said:This is probably THE greatest shipfic I've ever read of all times every time. It's fighting for number one with Out in the Cold, but regardless it's an amazing story. The beginning drew me in and tugged at my heartstrings, and it evolved into a tale of epic proportions that managed to hit almost every conventional drama. And it worked for the most part. To be able to blend so many elements into a single story yet not lose the core and original intention shows how skilled you are as a writer. There are a few flaws here and there, but overall it's a magnificent fic that I'd recommend to anypony.Props to you ButterScotchSundae.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Not to be a killjoy, but I feel like I did at the end of 'The Never-ending Story', couldn't hear what Sebastian named the The Childlike Empress over the storm.

  122. Anonymous says:

    "But now you're back I just can't seem to keep them furled for some reason. They're always popping up on me!"What is with all the recent Wingboners?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Finally, it's over, so I can move on with my life. This should have just ended on chapter 3 and be marked as [Sad]. It went on *way* too long.

  124. Filiecs says:

    Overall this was a great story but in all honesty, the ending REALLY REALLY irked me. So many physics errors (Being in the lower stratosphere made sense but the zero-G thing, really? They would have to be at the hight of the space station to not fall toward earth at a noticeable speed. Also, you would NOT survive if you crashed into a lake at mock 1, the surface tension would snap your neck.) Sure you can say "It's magic." But even with magic those feats are impossible. I feel like the writer failed physics and it really broke the mood for me. Also, all the pairing kind of detracted from the main story. Caramel and Big Mac, Lyra and Bon Bon, Luna, they made me lose sight of the relationship that was Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. However, the ending with the little nameless foal of loneliness was very clever and it basically saved the ending for me. Next time though, I would suggest that the writer do at least a tiny bit of research as to not totally ruin the experience.

  125. Anonymous says:


  126. Anonymous says:

    @FiliecsYou're kidding, right?

  127. Anonymous says:

    This is art and I love it.

  128. Filiecs says:

    @AnonymousI know it's a story and should be treated as such and I think it started out really good however I just can't help but be perturbed at the major physical flaws at the end.I don't mean to offend anyone just stating how, in my opinion, I felt the ending was lacking.

  129. Anonymous says:

    @Filiecs 2011 3:40 PMI'm just saying that you ruined your own experience because you thought too much about the physics

  130. Filiecs says:

    @AnonymousYeah, I know. I just have a problem getting into moments that have no viable explanation. It really is a great story though and I really enjoyed the rest of it. I commend the author for creating a beautiful romance and she played it almost perfectly. She created a work of art nonetheless and it still has its own beautiful touch.

  131. Like I've said on DA, excellent story, it's a godsend this one in.Easily one of the best fanfics I've read. In my opinion it's tied with the Bittersweet fanfic, Bittersweet exceeding in the Sad category while this one exceeding in everything else. But tied however because I just love Sad fanfics.Again excellent writing, you surpass many current published authors with your writing, if you ever get into the writing career I'll be eagerly wanting to read every installment from you.EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!

  132. Venbrou says:

    @Anonymous If you paid attention, you would have picked up on the little hint she threw in for who Twilight would be shiped with. Not gona tell you though. You'll just have to look for it yourself.

  133. Venbrou says:

    Epic…I have sat here for fifteen minutes strait trying to sum up how I feel about this story, and only one word has even come close. This story has invoked the same feelings that one would feel if the were spending time with the one they loved AND were on the most thrilling roller coaster ever AT THE SAME TIME! ButterScotch, you truly are a writing genius.

  134. ToonNinja says:

    Never thought I'd read fanfiction, much less enjoy it. I've never been so happily proven wrong since I discovered this show.

  135. Shades says:

    That ending…… Damn, that was a fun ride while it lasted. I especially like how Pinkie has a song for everything. I don't really understand what happend with Loneliness at the end there though…

  136. Amazigh says:

    This is the most beautiful Story i've Ever read.Thank You.Really, i'm kinda lost for words here.

  137. Hi everyone,Glad to hear people enjoyed the final parts of Party.I hear there's a bit of confusion about the epilogue, partly caused by another fanfiction that gives Dash and Pinkie a foal called Twinkie Pie (if I understand it correctly). Twinkie is the canon nickname for Pinkie when she was a little filly (I can't remember the exact episode, but Pinkie talks about when she was a little "Twinkie Pie") and that's how I was using it in the Epilogue.Once a writer has written a story it has to fend for itself , so any reader's interpretation is just as important as whatever the writer had in mind. But my personal understanding of the epilogue is that it takes place in Pinkie Pie's heart. Twinkie Pie is Pinkie's childlike soul (hence it has her childhood nickname) who came to find Loneliness and bring him to the Party that Never Ends – which is kind of a symbol for Pinkie finally conquering the loneliness that was tearing her apart at the beginning.Anyway, that's what I thought. But everyone is free to think what they like!Butterscotch

  138. Anonymous says:

    Read the last parts with this playing so much to it!

  139. Anonymous says:

    *single manly tear*

  140. Anonymous says:

    This was the single most super-duper-fabulishous story I have ever read on this site. The characters were perfect and plot was divine. This is one of those stories that I will always treasure in my heart. Thank you for writing something so beautiful, something so profound. And something SO TOTALLY AWESOME!

  141. Quinje says:

    I only wane sai:Why is this story so long o.O 52233 words. I'm dutch and i'm a bed reader but this is to much xd i have dont 3:30 h for the first 9 parts o.O i stil neet 4 that meens at least 16000 wordt -.- i to addicted to my little pony and now i'm ready omg i cant beleve my self.BTW: YOUR FUUU CRAZY COME ON 52000 word o.O

  142. Nikita says:

    Brb while I hire Shakespeare to write you a praise comment.

  143. Quinje says:

    YEA i finist the freaking story xd the only ting that i dont like is: Where is the hot lesbian action at the end?? o.O

  144. YouKnowMe says:

    So wow… that was awesome. At first the story seemed pretty blasΓ©, even unto the beginning of the adventure part, but with the way it was all deftly handled in the end was superb.

  145. Anonymous says:

    I wanted until now, when the story was complete, to read any of it.Reading it all in one sitting was almost too emotionally draining – I had to take several breaks.WELL DONE.

  146. CLAVDIVS says:

    Wow. That was pretty epic.I do have a couple questions, though. These may be my own failures of reading comprehension rather than the text being unclear, so don't necessarily take these as criticism. :)Firstly, who is Luna's secret crush supposed to be, the one she's surprised to learn Celestia knew about? If there's a hint somewhere, I missed it.Secondly, what exactly what Nightmare/Loneliness? Why did his mother have to leave him there?Thirdly, what exactly is supposed to have happened to him in the epilogue? Was he still inside Pinkie Pie's heart, living in the "party inside her"? Or something else?Lastly, did Star Catcher ever recover? 😦 (Probably only the author can answer this.) I was hoping that maybe Rainbow Dash would write a letter of apology to her at the end, and maybe get a reply saying that she'd already moved on and was doing okay, and that she'd forgiven her.(Reposted from DA, in case anyone here can answer these.)

  147. El Mike says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. The Mike says:

    1-there were no hints of luna's crush2-I dunno, may be author can answer that3-he became a pony, and (may be) adopted my pinkie and dash, because they can't have children (just like DarkHeart from that old carebears movie, he lost all his evil powers and became a boy and the boyfriend of one of the good-girls)4-I dunno,may be author can answer that

  149. It's been a wild ride! Great job, that turned out quite epic indeed. (Yes, I'm on board for the Epic tag now. Not so much Sad, though. Possibly my cold, withered heart is too calloused.)I really wanted them to kiss when Pinkie was floating in freefall. :)The wonky gravity stuff kinda pulled me out of the story, but I mostly got over that way back when Dash was racing Star Catcher into space without a pressure suit. But then I also don't assume Equestria is a planet as we would think of it, given the sun and moon have to be raised. It can have whatever f'ed up physical laws it wants.>Rainboom invokes 'rainbow magic'imokaywiththis.jpgI wasn't real clear on why Dash was out of control after keeping enough control to run a loop around Ponyville in a raging hurricane, but anyway.This is kind of an "if I wrote it" thing, but I thought it would be cool for Pinkie to flip Dash at the last moment and cushion the crash for her. Especially since Pinkie's padded rear was mentioned earlier.

  150. @FiliecsWoah, hey, settle down.We're talking about a world where the sun and moon don't appear until prompted by a couple of deities. This is clearly not your average round planet in a Newtonian solar system, so we should make no assumptions about the upper atmosphere or the nature of gravity.@ButterscotchSundaeIt's in Winter Wrap Up. She says "since I was a little twinkie-Pinkie". I was a little confused, too, as to whether that was Pinkie in dreamland or a physical manifestation of Loneliness and Pinkie's daughter.You might consider editing it.I, too, found the "sex" epilogue a little jarring. Especially since I'd assumed that was happening when the bubbles filled the camera…As always, I have to put out the disclaimer that this is intended to be constructive criticism and you can assume anything I don't mention was totally awesome. πŸ™‚ I particularly liked the rainbow-plus-pink. That made me laugh.

  151. @CLAVDIVSLuna is crushing on Twi, of course. It's not really hinted by anything specific, but Twi was the first pony she mentioned concern for.Loneliness was, I gathered, an extradimensional entity whose mother was being pursued by something equally extradimensional. Loneliness is still living in Pinkie's heart, and she just introduced him to the neverending party so he won't be lonely any more.Your last question is known as What Happened To The Mouse? She dropped out of Dash's life and I would assume she learned a valuable life lesson about time, place, and the feelings of others. πŸ™‚

  152. Thanks for fielding these questions for me, LordOfTheWrongs. Keep in mind that these answers are just what I as the writer was thinking at the time of writing: the truth may be quite different.* Screwy Equestrian Physics: it's a bit of "It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit", a bit of "Equestria is a magical land where things obviously work differently" and also a bit of "The Author wanted Dash and Pinkie floating in space because it was cool"* Luna's crush: who knows? If you've read any of my other stories you'd know there are a few potential candidates.* What's Loneliness? Maybe a living star, or a being of the same ilk as Celestia and Luna (who, if you remember what Nightmare said to Dash at his first appearance, came to Equestria after he did) – or maybe something else. Remember also that Pinkie mistook him for the Pony Devil (Black Snooty). Whatever he is, he was inspired by Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge of the Gnostics (link: *I see the epilogue taking part in Pinkie's heart. Her childlike soul (Twinkie Pie) rescues Loneliness, gives him a new name and brings him into the Party that Never Ends – a symbol of how Pinkie conquers the loneliness that brought about the psychological crisis in her at the beginning of the story.- but! I really like how people see the epilogue as Loneliness being adopted by Pinkie and Dash who can't have their own foal (but who says they can't? In Equestria there're canon magical items such as magic mirrors that can produce babby ponies). And sorry – but no, I won't be editing it. I like it being a bit vague and having its interpretation left open. I'm happy to edit stuff that doesn't make sense or that's hard to follow, but not to force my own interpretation of what is essentially an intentionally dreamlike and psychological little scene.* the sex at the end. Well, a writer can't ever please everypony. The hardcore shippers needed something! at the end to justify the trials and tribulations… and I kept it sexy-cute rather than the sexy-smouldering of some of my other stories – (I might write a steamier Pinkie-Dash thing and submit it to Equestria After Dark though). But come on people! When two ponies love each other very much, they have sex. It happens! And it even happens in canon Equestria according to Lauren (she says babby ponies are produced the usual physical way in an answer to a question on her DA profile). Sex is fun in its many different forms, and I strongly recommend it to everypony – just don't take it too seriously.* I cut out a little scene with Star Catcher at the end because I'm going to write a story about her and Dash being reunited. I feel sorry for her, and I think she deserves some closure. Wow, that was a long response. But thanks for reading my story, everyone! ButterscotchBTW two fun little stories are coming soon, and then a longer Rarity-Fluttershy shipping story. SO stay tuned.

  153. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know, I read Chapter 12 while listening to "Molossus" from the Batman Begins Soundtrack, particularity while reading the part about Derpy being awesome and thinking of her daughter. "My Muffin." Epic.Also, if I'm correct this is the song that quoted at the end/inspired the story? Its quite nice…

  154. Anonymous says:

    First off, thank you Butterscotch. This was the first pony fanfic that I've actually bothered to read. And I'm glad that this one was my first, because I now see the beauty of this strange art. There's pretty much no accolades I can give you that someone else hasn't already done: great characters, awesome storyline, etc. So instead, I'll just be a good little critic and nitpick at the few things I didn't like.I appreciate the work you've put in your dialogues, but I felt that you didn't necessarily need to "spell out" the characters' accents. We all know that Applejack has a thick country accent and Rarity is sporting the New England aristocrat dialect. You only need mention the accents occasionally and the reader can do the rest. That's not to say that Pinkie's lines shouldn't be so superfabulously full of compoundedsuperadjectives or Dash should be speaking 20% less cool. Just that your readers don't need help hearing the characters' accents.(SPOILERS!) I felt that the sex scene was a little awkward because it raised a few questions in my way too analytical brain: Was Pinkie also a virgin? If not, when'd she lose it? And to whom? Was it a big event for her, or just a passing whim? What about Rainbow Dash? Is she a good lover? (Again, WAY too analytical of a brain.) Who was on top?Again, this work is a masterpiece (or at least damn close) and the work you've done is simply amazing, and your proliferation only highlights your skill even further. I only hope that you never stop writing and that you'll read this comment.With love from a new fan,Anonymous.

  155. Anonymous says:

    so i blinked and a tear ran down my cheek at Derpy in these last two parts. Easily the best part of the whole 13 part series. Which is like huge, considering it was like . . . idek. Indescribably fun and suspenseful and sad and touching and happy and funky and it made me feel love, joy, wow, anger, sadness, and fear all throughout. I would read it a third time but I don't think my heart could take it. I'm not used to this much emotional stress, even though its good. It's just so stressful. Things like this aren't supposed to turn out like this. Not supposed to happen. I think shipping is kinda weird in the first place, but for some reason I was drawn to read this, and then keep reading;dr well shit good job

  156. Easily the best MLP fanfic out there, hooves-down.

  157. @ButterscotchSundaeOh yeah, all my comments have an implicit "It was my interpretation that…". πŸ™‚ Word of God trumps my reading any day.Regarding the "virgin" scene: I apologize. I didn't explain myself, which is bad criticism. The following is intended constructively and with the understanding that I really, really liked your fic. I criticize because I care!I'm in no way trying to be a prude here, mind you — I have a Rarity/Fluttershy After Dark fic about half written, myself.Analyzing my reaction in retrospect, the immediately previous scene was a very romantic catharsis that wrapped up their relationship arc nicely. I was in a really nice lovey-dovey sort of place right then.Cut to the "virgin" scene, which was, in comparison, shockingly frank and too short to be particularly satisfying (emotionally! :p) on its own merits.It would have served well as a humorous stinger if the entire scene was just Dash saying, "Best night EVER!"I'd like to add that I'm totally not trying to be the Great and Powerful LotW here. I've been guilty of exactly the same thing, and I'm taking the lesson to heart as well.

  158. T DUDE says:

    *Spoilers*1st.) I got pissed at Dash for being mean to Pinkie, but felt sorry for her when hearing about what she went through and struggled with2nd.) I got pissed off at Nightmare for being a douche to everyone, but then I felt sorry for him after hearing about his mother. 3rd.) I got pissed at Celestia for not stepping in and helping the poor ponies survive, but then I understood her reasoning, since Dash and Pinkie wouldn't have been able to end up together.4th.) When Cloudkicker and Fluttershy heard Pinkie screaming as she road on Rainbow Dash's back, I pictured Han Solo going "Woohooo!! You're all clear kid, let's blow this thing and go home!"This story made me explode…twice! I laughed, I cried, I damn near screamed at the epic descriptions and intense moments. This Fic is clearly one to be remembered, because unlike others I have read (which I would consider about episode length) this was a fudgin' movie! Congrats on a job well done! Words cannot describe how amazingly awesomely awesome this fic truly is.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap, your fic just became canon.Pinkie DOES have a party inside her, and it's because of Dash.

  160. Introbulus says:

    …Yup, very glad I read this fic. πŸ™‚

  161. Cottonmouth says:

    Give the people… what they want…Build it… and they will come….I have never seen so many ships randomly slapped into one fic to appease the mass of drooling fans. But I can't blame you Butterscotch. You're just giving them what they want right?Also, the Apple Farm is fucked if Applebloom is lesbian.

  162. @CottonmouthHi Cottonmouth,I only ever write for myself, but happily I seem to have the same interests as my audience – I'm a drooling, ship-mad yuri fan with slight yaoi tendencies.But I would ask you not to draw attention to the drooling: it's a physical disorder that I've had since birth and I'm a little self-conscious about it.

  163. I'm not usually into these type of stories but i have to say this is pretty good.

  164. Naxts says:

    It took me a very long time to finish it, several days actually. But I finally finished it. Butter, I absolutely love your stories and I actually become inspired to try writing because your stories are just… So damn good!This honestly has got to be my favorite story yet. I mean, its just so great. It starts out sad, then like any good story, transition into something totally fast-paced and exciting before totally destroying our hearts.And then, you tie the story up with happiness and love! Its just… just… Well, I just don't know the word to describe how I'm feeling.Though, the part with Celestia and Luna was kindda confusing though. Who was Luna's love?The epilogue was a really nice touch too. Good ending for everybody =)Its just so sweet. I love it. I can't thank you enough for such a great read.

  165. Naxts says:

    And then. Everybody was gay.

  166. Cottonmouth says:

    @ButterscotchSundaeSo you turned your fic into garbage just to appeal your fantasies?I mean make no mistake, I write for myself as well. But I also like to maintain a certain quality with my work.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Ha!I knew cottonmouth couldn't say anything REALLY bad about the fic

  168. P. Bison says:

    " (I might write a steamier Pinkie-Dash thing and submit it to Equestria After Dark though)."DO IT

  169. Cottonmouth says:

    @AnonymousI could write an essay over what's wrong with this fic, but I'll just let you live in ignorance.

  170. Anonymous says:

    I think Cottonmouth needs to get a google account – someone keeps trying to make him/her look bad by posting sour-grapes comments.

  171. CupcakesNom says:

    This story is an explosion of emotions. I feel like I was manipulated into loving it, and I don't care one little bit. <3It's been like 2 hours since I finished this and I'm still happy and bouncy. I think I'm in love~

  172. DooDawDay says:

    @PacceI know exactly what you mean! i get all emersed and empathize with the characters in really descriptive work like this. that part with pinkies clean ups had me baawwwing s hard! awesome story though!

  173. DooDawDay says:

    @Phoethank you for articulating what I could not. this was one of the most touching stories I've read on this site (or I guess on DA). I vote for more of butterscotchs stories!!!

  174. Anonymous says:

    Oh Celestia my heart, I cried so much during this it wasn't even funny. I love you so much for writing this. Both of the authors are amazing and I can't wait to find more by them. Sincerely, a 16 year old brony.

  175. Baree says:

    @Anonymous: Hah, first one to (I assume) comment on my little addition ^^ Glad at least one brony read and liked it πŸ™‚

  176. Anonymous says:

    As good as this started, I'm afraid it mutated into a fairly melodramatic and overdone attempt at a heroic epic. Sorry.

  177. Anonymous says:

    @CottonmouthI'm pretty sure you couldbut you wouldn't write an essay over what's good with this fic.

  178. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I'm no Cottonmouth, but I can tell you that this story, which started out very nicely, became a cliche, ham-fisted, and overall cheesy attempt at an epic. And Nightmare is a lame villain.

  179. Anonymous says:

    Oh, the road goes on forever, and the party never ends…

  180. Anonymous says:

    God, I just wish that the show's writers would turn this into a full – fledged multipart finale. That's just me, though – I'm gonna read this again and again. The "Great Gatsby" of fanfiction, anyone?

  181. Drax says:

    Best thing I have read in a very long time, I started reading it at work on my Ipod, and couldn't stop after I got home. I just had to finish it. I admit though, the Cupcakes scene made me roll my eyes and almost stop reading, Its so overdone. I'm really tired of every writer mentioning it now. Was worth it though, the scene with Derpy thinking of her foal brought tears to my eyes.

  182. @DraxHey Drax. Thanks for commenting!I agree that Cupcakes is overexposed these days (well, it always has been I guess, like my Swayback story – first doesn't always mean best), but in my defence back when I wrote "Party" it was still kinda a new thing to be all meta-fictional and mention other fics in one's work.Anwyays, thanks for struggling on and finishing the story – I'm glad you thought it was worth it!

  183. Anonymous says:


  184. Anonymous says:

    Pinkie/Dash is actually a pretty lousy ship. Pinkie/Fluttershy makes a lot more sense.

  185. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousBut Pinkie/Fluttershy IS actually apretty lousy ship.Pinkie/Dash makes a lot more sense

  186. ToonNinja says:

    The bonus chapter is pretty good, but it seems a little off. Rainbow Dash is throwing around vocabulary that doesn't really suit her.

  187. That was beautiful, well written and the personalities of each character was to a tee. Best PinkieDash shipping in my opinion yet.

  188. Kapten-N says:

    I'm not one for shipping, hell I don't really like fanfic in general, but this story proved to be more than I expected. It's a well written epic adventure! Throughout the whole story I was swinging between emotions of joy and sadness as I was pulled into this dark saga by awesome storytelling. At several times I struggled to hold back many manly tears. :'D

  189. Derptastic says:

    I've heard this story used so often as a yardstick with which a lot of others measure their work against, but for some reason up until now I never read it. I was quite surprised when I opened it as it didn't have a six star rating, considering how much in awe everyone seemed to hold it. After reading the whole lot in one go I am awestruck, what an absolutely AWESOME story!!! For goodness sake someone please six-star this asap πŸ™‚ I wish I could write this well!

  190. Anonymous says:

    I have never "D'awww"dNot until now.

  191. Silver Mane says:

    Once again, you have proven yourself the master of the Pony Fanfic. I bow before your graceful skill with the written word. I'm just glad I could say that I read it through and didn't wimp out from crying too much. Was a close one at times.

  192. Silver Mane says:

    Once again, you have proven yourself the master of the Pony Fanfic. I bow before your graceful skill with the written word. I'm just glad I could say that I read it through and didn't wimp out from crying too much. Was a close one at times.

  193. This Guy says:

    The mentioning of sex seemed a little awkward to me, but yet, at the same time, made me grin even more. Is this what they mean by "Me Gusta"? XDThen I thought to myself, "How…how would that even…happen!?" And then I realized, "Hay! Pinkie Pie's involved! There IS no earthly explanation and there doesn't NEED to be!" I do have a feeling, however, that a LOT of wingpetting was probably involved.

  194. This Guy says:

    The mentioning of sex seemed a little awkward to me, but yet, at the same time, made me grin even more. Is this what they mean by "Me Gusta"? XDThen I thought to myself, "How…how would that even…happen!?" And then I realized, "Hay! Pinkie Pie's involved! There IS no earthly explanation and there doesn't NEED to be!" I do have a feeling, however, that a LOT of wingpetting was probably involved.

  195. Anonymous says:

    I agree, this should be a six-star story. This is easily, in my opinion, the best fic on the site. Well, this and that one with Braeburn in the Arabian nights type setting. But still!

  196. Anonymous says:

    I agree, this should be a six-star story. This is easily, in my opinion, the best fic on the site. Well, this and that one with Braeburn in the Arabian nights type setting. But still!

  197. Kujii says:

    Well, congratulations. You have done the one thing no other piece of writing on this site has done. You have made Kujii Tetsuiga cry… You don't even have a [sad] on the story, so you certainly must have constructed a beautiful piece. At first I smiled, and I laughed, I felt Pinkie Pie's pain at the rejection, I understood everything, and it crushed my soul… deeply crushed me.Then… I stopped reading… it was over now, and yet I felt a bit over 5 minutes later the tears on my face. You had made me 'Daww', laugh, smile, and then cry. All over the course of a single story. Furthermore, under the policy of 'love and tolerate', I was brought to this story after declaring I don't like or think Shipping is good for the fandom… So you gave me all these positive emotions while proving me wrong, and making me feel good about being wrong.You did a great job, don't let anyone ever take that away from you!

  198. Kujii says:

    Well, congratulations. You have done the one thing no other piece of writing on this site has done. You have made Kujii Tetsuiga cry… You don't even have a [sad] on the story, so you certainly must have constructed a beautiful piece. At first I smiled, and I laughed, I felt Pinkie Pie's pain at the rejection, I understood everything, and it crushed my soul… deeply crushed me.Then… I stopped reading… it was over now, and yet I felt a bit over 5 minutes later the tears on my face. You had made me 'Daww', laugh, smile, and then cry. All over the course of a single story. Furthermore, under the policy of 'love and tolerate', I was brought to this story after declaring I don't like or think Shipping is good for the fandom… So you gave me all these positive emotions while proving me wrong, and making me feel good about being wrong.You did a great job, don't let anyone ever take that away from you!

  199. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  200. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  201. Whiteout says:

    Gotta admit, I didn't think it was possible to do Pinkie/Dash and make it work out, given how different they are… but this works. All too well. Beautifully done.

  202. Whiteout says:

    Gotta admit, I didn't think it was possible to do Pinkie/Dash and make it work out, given how different they are… but this works. All too well. Beautifully done.

  203. TenchiFreak5 says:

    I'm glad I finally read this. I'd put it off for far too long, knowing how highly it was revered but daunted at the task for the same reason. I abuse the word heartwarming a lot in the comments for these sorts of stories, I'll admit. Get an inkling of manly tears out of me from a happy story and I will probably label it "heartwarming." The baseline for what is heartwarming and what isn't is pretty skewed in that regard.But what I don't readily admit to is when a story gets me to go from Manly Tears to straight up crying. To date, from the probably hundred pony stories I've read since becoming a Brony, I've only really cried 4 times. This story, Epilogue included, takes that up to 5.And, most importantly, this is the first one out of them all that the crying was from happiness. I admit that it took a few minutes after the ending for it to start, for the feelings to sink in, but once it started it didn't readily stop. Reading the Epilogue certainly didn't help in that regard.Both stories are 5/5s, without question. The Epilogue may not be exactly as good, but it is absolutely worthy of being a continuation of the masterful strokes of the original.I thank ButterSc0tchSundae for writing the original, I thank Baree for writing the continuation, and I thank Mogasaki for drawing the beautiful picture that finally got me to make the time and sit down and read it.

  204. Anonymous says:


  205. Anonymous says:

    The whole "Cupcakes" part made laugh because of how well it was mocked which it has deserved for so darn long! It is not that great and just there for shock value…heck it sucks as a grimdark fic and if I'm wrong someone correct me it was made just to be a fic mocking PinkieDash which makes me mad because of the writers disregard for others preferences and if it had just been a regular grimdark fic I don't think I would have minded as much!tl;dr "Cupcakes" suck and "The Party Hasn't Ended" rules….I'll do a full review later…

  206. The_Dragon says:

    Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.I applaud you with every ounce of my being. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to kick Dash in the face. As a lesbian myself, I know what it's like to hide oneself, to run away from love, to fear what others think. I'm glad love triumphed in the end.Also, the "Cupcakes" reference was hilarious. Just sayin'…

  207. Jett says:

    I was surprised by where you took this. I'll call it the best shipping I've ever read, but certainly not the best fanfic. For a few reasons: Rarity's dialogue was written in a really obnoxious way, and some of the loose ends of other relationships you tried to make just ended up to be random claims, and you never really tied them up.But a wonderful read nonetheless.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful story!It's tricky to say something that hasn't been said already…I cried, I'm one of those people who usualy no matter how much they want to cry a a peice of fiction, They can't…But I cried at this a little!It's even stranger because I only got into the Ponies a week ago….

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