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Persian Pony Competition

Aspāvar over on ponychan is hosting a competition to drum some interest up for a Persian indie game.  The rules are copy-pasted below!  Make MLP fanart involving Persian themes. I don’t care if it’s a Prince of Persia crossover (Luna … Continue reading

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10% Off at

Looks like the Hasbro Toy Shop has another one of those 10% Coupon events going on, this time with MLP Toys Specifically. Apparently typing “MLPTEN” in the code box at checkout activates it! Sadly they don’t have any of the … Continue reading

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Comic: Cuteness 9000

I still say Twilight is cuter than Fluttershy, but what can you do? And the source! (thanks to those that emailed it!)

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Spike Pilgrim Vs. The World Pops Up On the Facebook Page!

The Spike Pilgrim video from yesterday has appeared on the official Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Facebook page.  It’s a shame the movie is a bit old now, hopefully some people will see it posted up!

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Weird Al Tweets Ponies Again!

Weird Al has responded once again, this time to Pony Polka 2! I really hope the guest appearance thing happens for season 2.  I can only imagine how ridiculous that episode will be, especially if they really are planning to … Continue reading

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DA Pony Fanfiction Community

Deviant art now has a budding pony fanfiction community.  If you are already set up over there, you might as well check it out!  If anything I’m sure some people would be willing to proofread your stuff! You can find … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Compilation #7

Another wallpaper pack for you guys, this time from MilesPrower024 over at DeviantArt. Have a gander! Read more »

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