Story: Of Sound Mind (Updated Part 3!)

[Shipping] Reaaaaly late friend off entry. Also converted to Shipping with the update!

Description: A spell mishap results in Fluttershy and Rarity swapping bodies, and Rarity quickly finds herself getting carried away…

Of Sound Mind
Of Sound Mind Part 2 
Of Sound Mind Part 3 (New!)

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59 Responses to Story: Of Sound Mind (Updated Part 3!)

  1. Grez says:

    FINALLY.I have been waiting SO LONG for this.

  2. Sandman says:

    Surprised it took so long for someone to do one for this picture. Worth the wait though, nice job Tanner!I lol'd at the Darkwing Duck reference.

  3. Grez says:

    Ha, that's pretty cool that you referenced Twilight and Rarity's Magic Book, made my brain hurt because of the paradox it created, however.

  4. Leandrea says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Leandrea says:

    Very nice. Wasn't sure if it was going to pull through but it did. And a squeal too. Will Read.

  6. Anonymous says:

    arggghh! what happens next? I MUST KNOW

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can't wait for part 2! Aug the suspense is eating away at me

  8. Anonymous says:

    As said by others, can't wait for more, this is a really good story.

  9. Samuel says:

    I want part two, NAO!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to draw pictures for this story NOW!Good read I love,how you portayed their consciousnesses interacting with each others body. Keep up the good work.

  11. Anonymous says:

    oh i hope they make a episode about this. Can't wait for this to be continued, five stars.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is excellent! Can't wait for more!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Interesting choice of character development, having them learn about each other through their body's reactions over standard conversation. I really want to see where this is going to go.

  14. Th plot thickens, this is going to explode XD

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    This is awsome, someday poor old Twilight will learn not to use her friends as guinea pigs for tempremental magic spells…

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is quickly becoming my favorite fic yet.

  18. Lazarus says:

    This is my favorite fanfic, by far.6/5

  19. BenX says:

    This is so awesome.Did make me hate Rarity, though.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If this turns into a shipfest '11 I'm out. But other than that good Read. Throwing Dash into the scheme of things was a good twist. Not a shipping person my self but this has my interest.

  21. Daffodil says:

    Spoilers and constructive criticism incoming.Part one was great. The one flaw I found with it was that Fluttershy doesn't seem like…Fluttershy. She seems too open and talkative. I know she's in Rarity's body, but their mannerisms supposedly remained the same. Other than that, I loved it.Part two was good, but some parts could have been done better. The section where Dash opens up to Twilight is a bit confusing. You may want to clear up some of the wording, and spread it out a bit. The idea is there, but it goes from zero to sixty in three sentences, which takes the reader by surprise. 3/5Looking forward to more.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Once it said 'shipping', I didn't bother to read part 2.A shame, since I liked part 1.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's a good thing Fluttershy can have her mane magically restored after this is all over. Either that or it'll just regrow instantly back to how long it's posed to be.

  24. Cottonmouth says:

    "Hmmm…. pretty interesting I guess. Typical body switch story with a slightly standard plot but pretty good writing. Sure is getting praised alot…">Go to part 2"Oh… ha ha ha! Of course! The standard story continues, but (like 1,000 other fanfics) Rainbow Dash is thrown into the middle of it fawning over one of the girls. How original."Count me out for chapter 3. It was enjoyable until you just put Rainbow Dash in for no reason.I can't critique your writing, as my judgement blurs when the writing gets past the 'complete shit' phase. Like I said. Good writing, but you threw in Rainbow in a story that didn't need her.3 stars for at least decent writing.

  25. Fanloser says:

    @BenXWhy? She's getting Fluttershy some action.

  26. Cottonmouth says:

    Also I agree with Daffodil above me. I NEVER got the feeling Fluttershy was in Rarity.Shame since you did pretty well with Rarity being in Fluttershy.

  27. Anonymous says:

    dash is CLEARLY into fluttershys new look! it would be a shame to not continue with thatalso, my opinions aside, i give 4 stars πŸ™‚

  28. Anonymous says:

    Loving this story, can't wait for the next part.

  29. Anonymous says:

    @CottonmouthI thought it was done just fine, but I see why people hate it when Rainbow Dash is shipped. There are a whole lot of Dash ships, and many of them are badly done. It's easy to reflexively hate it when it's even hinted at.Honestly, though, there wasn't really any "shipping" going on here yet, just high potential. If the author manages to finish up the entire story without any actual shipping happening, then I think this will be a neat little tale.

  30. yrthak says:

    I'm liking this a lot, and I'm very interested to see the resolution of how Fluttershy deals with these changes to her life. The way you treat identity-swapping is pretty unique–I don't think I've ever seen physiological effects kept in the same body, but it makes sense if they're only swapping souls and not brains. Nice work!…Would ponies eat shrimp?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I read through both parts and I have two questions.1) Why did I keep reading after the first part?2) Why am I enjoying it?Nice writing πŸ™‚

  32. Dancinninja says:

    This is so unbelievably fantastic. You introduced me to something that I have never seen done before. The fact that the body and the mind are often at odds with each other. Rarity having to "battle" Fluttershy's instincts and hormones; genius! That aspect of the story made it so much more than a simple "body-switch" tale. The introduction of a love interest for Fluttershy, whilst under the control of Rarity, was funny, touching, and insightful. I cannot WAIT for the next installment. This is a fantastic series.

  33. Rarity should know better that turn the life of Fluttershy upside down. I hope that Rarity willbe punished for that. It is Fluttershy life not hers. Se can encourage Fluttershy to make this moves but she should abuse of the spell to force that.

  34. Daffodil says:

    Part 3: I d'awwed at the ending. Well done, all-in-all. Didn't seem overly shippy, which is good. I still think the story could have done without Dash, but that's a minor thing.I think I'll raise my rating from 3/5 to 4/5.

  35. Tanner says:

    @DaffodilThanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, as well as everyone else who liked the story. I see Dash being complained about a bit, its not her story, she was really just a catalyst to move it forwards and give it a little action at the start.Once again, thanke everyone!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god! THAT WAS THE MOST PERFECT ENDING I HAVE EVAR READ! it was perfect! Just perfect!

  37. Ewyndall says:

    Daaawwwww πŸ™‚ I loved the ending πŸ™‚ Wish this would reach Faust and make it an episode in Season 2 πŸ™‚ It's cute, romantic and a really great ending.Thanks for writing it, really enjnoyed it ^-^

  38. Phoe says:

    @AnonymousI don't mean to come across as a mean old mean meanipants, but… really? 'Most perfect ending ever'? I hope there's a pinch of hyperbole in there. Personally I felt let down by the conclusion. And if I had to pinpoint a reason for that, I would say that it would be that it felt more concerned with delivering happy endings for everypony than it did in actually resolving the events of the plot. More specifically, Rarity did a lot of things over the course of three chapters that made me feel very uncomfortable as a reader. Invasion of privacy, humiliation of friends, et cetera and so forth. And she never ever answers for any of it. Perhaps it was your intention to shoot for a straight subversion of the Freaky Friday trope, but if that's the case I can't agree with your decision. Having one party so forcibly and flawlessly press all action to its optimal conclusion makes the end result feel… lopsided. Out of whack. Which is not to say I think it's a bad story. I still had fun. But some choices were made here and there that I feel kept it from being as awesome as it could have been.

  39. Anonymous says:

    @PhoeI have to agree with Phoe here, and add that Rarity's way of "solving" Fluttershy's problems seem incredibly troubling. Essentially, the only way Fluttershy could be with Whooves is to be…well, *not* Fluttershy. Did Whooves fall for Fluttershy, or for Rarity? And now that Fluttershy is herself again, will Whooves feel the same way in the long run?The story also seems to go out of its way to do everything to put Rarity in the right, no matter what she does. Humiliate Rainbow Dash? Turns out she wanted to be pretty all along. Fluttershy can't work up the courage to go out with Whooves? Do it in her place, and by being someone that ultimately isn't Fluttershy. Get chewed out by Twilight for taking control of Fluttershy's life without her permission? Turn the blame around on her (ignoring that Twilight never told her to do any of the things she did), and also make it so that Twilight's "just jealous."I'm sorry, it started out interesting, but ultimately it ends with the character doing a number of questionably ethical things, and in the end being "right" about all of them.

  40. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous"All Fluttershy needs to snag a man is an extensive makeover! And a completely new personality! And it's alright to totally upend her life without asking because I'm her friend and I'm helping! Later I will help Twilight overcome her jealousy of me."I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt slightly bothered by this.

  41. Midnight says:

    This is going to get amusing when they do a body-swap episode in season 2, I'm sure (and before anypony thinks I know something I don't – I don't, I'm just convinced they will at some point. It is as inevitable as the "it was all a dream" episode).

  42. Anonymous says:

    @PhoeEchoing my thoughts pretty much exactly; it wrapped up waaay too nicely given the chaos of parts 1 and 2 (which I enjoyed).

  43. Echoing the problems others had with the ending. Fic was great right up until Rarity is vindicated for messing with Fluttershy's body and life without an inkling of permission or good sense. The paragraph of wrapup was a bit of a copout too, it all feels half-finished.Love the concept, enjoyed the buildup, felt more than a little let down (and mildly unnerved) by the ending. Solid fic, tho. 4/5

  44. Anonymous says:

    first fanfic i have ever read and i gotta say, this was pretty fucking brilliant.

  45. I quite liked this story! Like some of the others here, though, I can't help but feel Rarity got off a bit light for all she did.

  46. williamcll says:

    Whats with the part 3 title

  47. Anonymous says:

    Why is everybody criticizing Rarity's actions?I don't think making rainbow dash put on a pretty dress is humiliating, and kickstarting fluttershy's love life was rude, but done with the best intentions (and very like her personality). Even the ending with Twilight made sense to me. She felt bad for what she did, but the things she did weren't bad, so she felt she didn't actually need to apologize, because she did nothing wrong. Although accusing twilight of jealousy, and twilight admitting to that was a bit too much.I think this is a great story, 4.5/5.And apparently the author and I have the same impression of rarity's personality.

  48. Anonymous says:

    >Searching through the shipping archive, no male names in the labels, neat concept for an f/f story>put 2 and 2 together… but wait! nope.Usually the nature of a pairing is made clear in the description somehow. I don't hate on het (ha!) but I don't *enjoy* it, and this felt like a bait and switch. On the flip-side, if you WERE looking for a het story, you probably wouldn't look here.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Well, Doctor Whoof was an unexpected twist. This was a very nice read.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I am going to disagree with most of you.I loved that Rarity was right about everything. Each of the mane cast has an element of harmony. Great. But to balance that, the writers of the series gave them each a major flaw also, such as Dash being loyal but also being a brash egomaniac. The exception is the sane and well balanced Twilight. Her 'nerdy shut-in' qualities have not panned out in the show's writing. So for god's sake, dont we all have major flaws? Dont we all need a tough-love push to be better sometimes? Is it ethical? No. But like being fired from a dead-end job, sometimes it is the best that could have happened to us!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Loved it! No problem with the conclusion from this bronie.Was the ending a bit abrupt? Maybe. But at the same time, I never got the feeling that this was meant to be a full-on novel. From the very beginning we are told that the story unravels over just 12 hours, so Rarity's actions being justified one way or another was a nice way of tying up loose story threads that would otherwise have stayed…. loose.So what if a story ends with "and they lived happily ever after"? The show always ends with all the major issues resolved after 22 minutes, so its faithful to the source material in that sense.And besides, this is about magical ponies! Why wouldn't everypony end up happier and more content than at the beginning of the story?

  52. Anonymous says:

    IΒ΄m so glad to read something happy for a change.

  53. La Barata says:


  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    Great story, but Rarity felt like an OC Mary-sue in part 3eh, 4/5

  56. Anonymous says:

    Great story, but Rarity felt like an OC Mary-sue in part 3eh, 4/5

  57. Frybrain says:

    Fun read, but it felt like the author was trying too hard to make Rarity the good guy at the end. No, it wasn't Twilight's fault for messing up the spell, she shouldn't have been meddling with someone's life in the first place.Just because everything turned out good for all parties involved doesn't mean it was necessarily the right thing to do. Other than that, I loved the story up until the end of chapter 34/5

  58. Frybrain says:

    Fun read, but it felt like the author was trying too hard to make Rarity the good guy at the end. No, it wasn't Twilight's fault for messing up the spell, she shouldn't have been meddling with someone's life in the first place.Just because everything turned out good for all parties involved doesn't mean it was necessarily the right thing to do. Other than that, I loved the story up until the end of chapter 34/5

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