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Comic: April Foals Day

This is actually a full on 6 page comic for the April foals event, so I'm linking to it from the other post and giving it it's own spot.  You can find the entire thing after the break. *EDIT* Uploaded … Continue reading

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Drawfriend Stuff #51

These star wars ponies are awesome edition. Is there anything out there that doesn't become at least 20% cooler with ponies? Read more »

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Pinkie Trigger – Corridor of Cupcakes

I…Don’t know if this is beautiful or not, but it’s something! Fixed the sizes, woops. I had this on auto.

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Comic: Outlaw Pony

[Crossover] Nostalgia goggles…activate. I'm linking to the DA for each part on this one.  Also you can see the actual scene from the show this is using after the break. Artist : Princess Crimson Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 … Continue reading

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April Foals Competition Submission Post! (16) Pics, (46) fics.

Submissions are CLOSED! Thanks everyone for your submissions! Please move all discussion of entries to THIS POST! Voting will begin on April 2nd, so people have time to read through everything and choose their favorite (and since tomorrow you will … Continue reading

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Stories: A Start / My Hero /The Bet

Three short stories in this post.  The first one is a normal Twilight/Trixie Story, and the second is some Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Shipping, and third is some Snips/Snails/Fluttershy normal stuff.  Author: A.J [Normal] A Start Description: Determined to become more powerful … Continue reading

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Episode 25: Party of One, Announced!

Aol Video currently has the 25th pony episode listed. Unfortunately no plot summary is available.  But we have a title… and a date… so that is good right? Episode 25: Party of OneSynopsis: Pinkie Pie frets over the lack of … Continue reading

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