Story: Little Pony

[Normal] I’m not sure if this should be considered grimdark.  Is it legal to spank your kids these days? I don’t really follow that stuff.

Description: Apple Bloom gets in trouble.

Little Pony

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25 Responses to Story: Little Pony

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is legal to spank, but it has been proven to be psychologically traumatizing and might cause mental issues later on in life.Kid gloves are needed in some situations, as spanking can undermine just what exactly the child did wrong. (it's better to think of an unusual punishment before you raise your hoof to a child)

  2. crazyredemu says:

    Most places it is legal but I know one state tried to ban it.There sure are a lot of kids that need a good spanking rotten brats!

  3. Prominence says:

    Not anywhere close to grimdark. Personally, I was spanked (switched, really- even had to go get my own) and I can say I wasn't traumatized. In fact, I'd say it helped, because I learned that with crime comes punishment. Simple as that. If you spank them for every little thing, that's something you might want to chill out on, but I personally think that if they really screw up, they should be spanked. And possibly maybe a time-out/grounding.That said, good story. Very understandable.

  4. In most western nations spanking is still legal provided it is kept within reasonable bounds[1].Where I sit, (Toronto), the switch would have made this illegal. However, since there are physical limitations requiring that ponies use an implement the reasonable line would have to be drawn slightly differently.As for being grimdark: No, it's a common corporal punishment vignette.[1] The meaning of reasonable does vary by jurisdiction. It can range from "does not require medical attention" to "immediate correction to hazardous activities only".

  5. Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown says:

    I wrote this way before Cupcakes and it was basicly right after Call of the Cutie. I was going to make it all grimdark and end it right after the punishment, but I felt bad about being so harsh so I made the ending happy.

  6. Zarkanorf says:

    Spanking is like any old punishment; at the right times, it's a learning tool, but you gotta make sure it's for the right things. I was like Prominence with the switch deal; I thought my parents had it easy on me until I saw what other kids dealt with, haha.A nice short story; nice job, Sergeant Sprinkles!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This was one of the first pony fics I came across. It stands out in my mind, as it's able to seem both more realistic than usual AND in-universe-accurate at the same time. Neat.

  8. Dragonkind says:

    I don't think spanking counts as grimdark ^^

  9. Anonymous says:

    @DragonkindBut in the right circumstances, it might be considered shipping.hey HEY!

  10. Prominence says:

    Lol I see what you did thar.

  11. Fairy Slayer says:

    IMO, a spanking once in a while may be necessary, such as when a toddler keeps running into the street, other dangerous behavior, etc.. However, if someone "has to" do it to the kid all the time then there is a flaw in the parental strategy.This slice of life is touching and shows off a bit of the family dynamics. Not bad. It doesn't seem grimdark to me but I am tagging it as "emotional" in the "sortable" table (which will be updated later tonight). As always though, Sethisto gets the final word on labels there too.

  12. Malaka says:

    Here in the UK physical discipline is legal so long as it doesn't leave a mark for more than 15 minutes/half an hour/I can't actually remember how long but it's something like that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Proven to cause harm? Got any proof of that?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Interesting conflict between the characters, so at least for me, well worth the read. I can sort of understand Applejack's reasoning, though using her brother as a boogeyman like that is a bit unfair.^^As for corporeal punishment, I know literally no one who experienced just a little. It was either never, or so very much over the top that at some point, they started hitting BACK. The latter case was thankfully rare. So much bad blood… like you'd never believe. Very, very sad stories.

  15. Anonymous says:

    How could this be grimdark in the least?It's a simple view on how things would work for the Apple family.It doesn't have characters going on murderous rampages.It doesn't have characters dying alone.It doesn't have Pinkie Pie realizing that the whole world around her is a lie and that she's actually insane.It doesn't even have Magic Pegasus Unicorn Hitler.I don't like grimdark stories, but this isn't grimdark.Not even dark or grim.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I know faust said parents of the ponies where going to be introduced, but reading this makes me really hope that the apple parents are left out. Aj and big mac trying to raise applebloom together is the sweetest thing ive ever read. Also, there is nothing wrong with spanking as long as its applied only when needed.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hurm…Reminds me of my early (and current) years of teaching.Hard to be both the kids' best friend and worst enemy, all while also being a good teacher.Although I do have a short tale that relates to this in a way…One year, when I was teaching 2nd grade, I had a student who I kept noticing bruise marks on. She was on the adventurous side of things, so I thought that was it. I just told her to be more careful.One day, however, I noticed a bruise on her face. I asked her to stay for a few minutes after class, and I asked her what happen, since she was having problems that day. She broke down into tears, and told me that her father did it. I alerted the principle, who then alerted child services, and a year later…Me and my wife, who due to an accident as a child can never give birth, had our own daughter.And we lived happily ever after.Except I think I've failed as a father in a way since somehow she manages to have the highest GPA at her high school, plays several instruments, and has modest hopes of being an elementary teacher one day… she watches MLP, and has somehow convinced me to watch it also.Then again, I have somehow ended up with a first grade class that has a girl majority, and a large number of them watch it also. And then some of the boys watch it also…But then again, we also all love Batman. Nothing like getting a whole class to start chanting "Batman" over and over again.And now they're starting to enter a Power Rangers phase…I love my job.Sorry for getting off tangent and all. Just sort of got into it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous teacher immediately above me?Your class requires the BatPinkie image, if not the story – the backstory might be a bit much for first graders. But they're clearly primed for Pinkie in a Batman costume.

  19. Zarkanorf says:

    @Anonymous*Anon-Teacher draws a BatPinkie on the chalkboard*"Kids, let me tell you how the American Revolution REALLY happened…"

  20. Anonymous says:

    I'm a man, I don't cry over ponies, I'm a man, I don't cry over ponies, I'm a man, I don't cry over ponies…

  21. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Not it most deftly NOT been So proven:Nutureshock goes over the findings, not these results 'non harmful' results comes from researchers who themsleved admit an anti-spank bias.

  22. rangergx9 says:

    …. Im male… I should not be sad..

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow. When I read this story, it brought me back to when I was a kid and had to get spankings as a punishment, especially the fear she felt beforehand. Bravo.

  24. Jagged says:

    Not to start an ethics battle on spanking, I never could spank and/or watch someone I know get spanked, especially if the person getting spanked protests. I'm too much of a softy to do so, so it was kinda difficult for me to read this. It also doesn't help that Applebloom is one of my favourite ponies, and seeing her in this situation…is kinda un-nerving

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