This Is the Company that Controls Ponies…

Seriously Hasbro? Seriously?

I was never into ponies before FiM, but did people actually deal with this shit before too?

There are 20 awesome side ponies that still have not even been touched, and they recolor the main cast and release a bunch of copypaste garbage? Where is Luna?  And Trixie?  And hell even Lyra/bonbon even though they aren’t actually named lyra/bonbon. 

I’m sure pony fans everywhere will be rushing to the stores to buy amazing ponies like…Blossomforth.

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41 Responses to This Is the Company that Controls Ponies…

  1. Anonymous says:

    What the shit is this fuck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WHY HASBRO STOP RELEASING THESE 3.5G PONIES, JUST DO IT RIGHT AND TAKE MY MONEY heck even Mcdonalds had better designsiMad, also, go to bed Sethisto.

  3. damn it, i want a trixie and luna, hell a gilda would be pretty awesome, never gonna happen though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hasbro needs to wake up and realise that the television series, not the toys, are now the primary force of this franchise. It's the series that should dictate how the toys are marketed, and all toys should be modeled after Lauren Faust's G4 resdesign.Gone are the days when MLP was, like Transformers and GI Joe, merely a poorly-made 30 minute toy commercial. It's the series and its continuity (and fanon) that makes MLP awesome, and Hasbro needs to start catering to that if they want to sell us toys.

  5. Sethisto says:

    @AnonymousI still got 6 hours of pony ahead of me before I even consider bed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they ever did derpy, would they keep her eyes derped?

  7. fucking lazy on the box art too, seriously. this shit sucks. i'll still probably buy it. damn it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hmmmm… i dont like poison.

  9. Don_ko says:

    What a lazy bastards! Recycle original Faust's character pictures for some name and fame-less ponies. They were not in the series!!! Why! Why not to use ponies from the series! There is a ton of them! I will be so pleased for Lyra, Rose and others! Luna and Trixie! But all is ruined by Hasbro. They even can't make G4 mold right.

  10. Foxxy says:

    Sigh. Seriously demoralizing.But let me offer some perspective on this from somepony who has a more long-term experience with the franchise. I am not a MLP fangirl, but ponies have tracked with me for most of my life. The first toys I can remember playing with were Gen 2 MLPs and when Gen 3 came out I bought about twelve of them over the course of about two years. I watched MLP: The movie way too much as a young girl. I know Hasbro's tricks.Basically, up until Friendship is Magic, you had a toy line whose main interest was aesthetic. You'd sit there until you decided which pony had the most appealing combination of shapes and colors with no regard for who she supposedly was or what she did and if you watched the cartoons or movies you'd likely to get a pony with quite a different personality than you expected. So, the toys were more interesting than the animation.Now we have a show that's personality based, and not just that, but based around interpersonal interaction. And Hasbro seems oblivious to this not because they hate ponyfans, but because they're doing the same stupid thing they've always done… release ponies that you pick through based on colors and shapes. This is what has supported the MLP business model for 25 years. If you ask a six year old girl what her favorite pony on the show is she may not have a response but she'll grab that Fluttershy off the shelf because of her complimentary mane/coat and bunny accessory.It's frustrating, yes, for adult fans of the show. We want awesome accurate Lauren Faust-approved statues of Rainbow Dash breaking the sound barrier, or Twilight Sparkles that shoot lasers at people, and stuff that geeky adults like, and Friendship is Magic is a show about geekery is there ever was one marketed for little girls. But this has never ever ever happened to Hasbro, and I'm sure they don't quite know how to respond. The show's production team could tell them, but that's a whole separate part of the company.Honestly, if anypony wants to see less of this and more of what we want, it's time to start writing e-mails or letters or Hasbro directly. Seriously. Snail mail too. Not petitions, not form letters, but carefully and succinctly worded expressions of what you want to see.Flood them. If we can agree that Dash is bi-lesbi-aight, we can band together and flood them for a long time. Express your support and put your money where your mouth is and buy something, preferably an episode or two off iTunes. You should be writing your letter right now. I am. Are you?Don't makes these angry rants, just politely and quietly let them know that they have your economic support, that you are an adult, and what you would like to see.!!It's not great and we should try to find a post address too or even the address of some Hub people to indicate that certain aspects of the series have our support but not others. We are "Fausties" not "Toyies".So there. If colorswapped Twi makes you as violently ill as it does me, there's your first step to want to write this e-mail.And spread the word! Enough bitching! More doing!

  11. @FoxxyJust did this, this is a good suggestion. hopefully if enough of us bronies let them know what we want, it'll happen.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I really don't like Hasbro's "kids buy anything" stance. When I was a kid I only liked toys that looked just like their cartoon/movie counterparts. Kids aren't stupid, sure they put up with this shit like this easier than us but if you would put a decent Fluttershy figurine along with the current Hasbro crap in front of a kid and make him/her choose you can bet your ass he/she will take the decent looking one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @FoxxyGood idea, we should really start poking Hasbro if we ever want to see toys revolving around the show.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As a Britfag, these toys might be my only chance to get hold of Ponies, if they can't do them right (i.e. G4 designs) It'd be terrible.

  15. Anonymous says:

    How come the Rainbow Dash toy model looks more like Fluttershy, while wingless Fluttershy looks like Pinkie Pie, and Twilight look like Rarity… even with these toys they got the designs all wrong, oh my….Not talking about the colours here.

  16. Anonymous says:

    they should rather do Cheerilee, Lyra, Colgate, Trixie and Apple Bloom.

  17. madmax says:

    well at least RD a.k.a blossomforth looks…kinda cute. I'm afraid of that cupcakes fluttershy pony :(also RD confirmed for sonic the hedgehog fan…sigh*

  18. Retl says:

    You know, if they hadn't reused vectors from the show recolored on the front of the box and instead made new ones, I would have never noticed they were reusing other things on the models themselves. Dewdrop's hair for example doesn't look anything like Twilight's recolor on the box.If nothing else, Blossomforth might be good for customizing.

  19. Outside of the main six, I think Cheerilee, effed up cutie mark and all, will be the last pony I buy for a while.I was considering getting a Lily Blossom just because she's the closest thing to a Derpy there is, but seeing these makes me really want to avoid OC-type pony toys.Speaking of OCs, total tangent, but…I kinda wish there was a Zazzle-type service for ponies. If I'm going to buy an OC with no show presence it might as well be my own creation.

  20. iDuck says:

    @Anonymous Cheerilee has already been made.

  21. "I was never into ponies before FiM, but did people actually deal with this shit before too?"Yes, yes we did. There was a G3 special that showed 15 or so really cool "background" pegasus designs and a different G3 special that showed 20 very neat unicorn designs. Did Hasbro make any of those background ponies? No, they made a bunch of completely generic, crappy unicorns and pegasi–mostly pink and purple.RAAAAAGE.

  22. something tells me that they're getting lazy on the cover designs. I'm seeing recolors of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle. YOU CAN BE MORE CREATIVE THAN THAT HASBRO!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Trust me on this one, this isn't the first time they've done stuff like this. I'm not a big fan of MLP (though I do love the new show), but I am a transformers fan. And trust me when I say this, this is Standard Operating Procedure for them when it comes to toy-driven lines. We've gotten repaints, new molds, characters appearing out of order, remakes of older models, remakes of newer models, multiple versions of the same model, you name it, we've already had it happen to us.

  24. Paul says:

    @AnonymousGone are the days when transformers was just a commercial too, at least hasbro got it right with them and designed the toys to look like the series properly even the old 90's transformers toys have more effort put into them than the G3.5 pony toys

  25. Anonymous says:

    But…but…PONY PULLS THE WAGON!Also amused at the grimdark tag.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Damn it, I was excited that we were getting a spa pony toy… But upon closer inspection…

  27. Anonymous says:

    derp derp opinionsThey're not going to make the background ponies, I never expected that they would. Deal with it guys.I for one, will totally be buying up BLossomforth and Dewdrop, they're just darling!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Oh for….Dont you lot relsie this is Hasbro!They have been doing this FOR YEARS. Repainting and renameing characters bust using the same molds. Take a look at the current TFs they have some are just re-painted and re-named with no real change made to them.No matter how you feel about this they will still be doing it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The previous line on ponies (3.5, the alien-looking ones) had the same 5-7 ponies released over and over again. G4 ponies are based on a TV show, that's a greater excuse to keep pushing off the same 6 ponies, but they're actually making "new" ponies to go along with them.Many are named after G3 ponies, probably because there's some "familiarity" to their names despite appearance changes (Star Swirl going from white to blue, species changes, etc)Unless maybe they're just releasing Coke Classic after making the recipe bad intentionally so we'd be delighted just to see "new" ponies…

  30. Dahvied says:

    @FoxxyI think it's a great idea, and actually feasible. This is something we could really do if we can get enough people. But an organized approach would be most effective. We need a place to send people for information and instructions on how to take action. I'd set one up myself if I knew the first thing about setting up web pages. Maybe we could use facebook as an entry point? Whatever it is, it needs to be more visible and accessible than the comment page here.The next matter is what to we direct people to do? We need to have a unified message or it'll come across as static. We need to publish contact information (email addys, snailmail addys, and yeah, petitions — if for no other reason than to get contact info so we can pressure members to use more effective means), and instruct people to keep messages short and polite, as well as what specific requests to make.Waaay back in the mid 90s, Sailor Moon fans launched on online campaign called "S.O.S. Save Our Sailors" to pressure Dic to keep the struggling show on the air, and it WORKED. But what made it work wasn't just passion, it was organization. If you're serious about this, contact me and we can see about outlining this project.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I would gladly pay more than the expected amount of money for 100% on-model ponies. Srsly. One apple = not Applejack, damn it. At this point my greatest hope is one of the resin model companies gets hold of this phenomenon and licenses at least the main cast. Because right now, the (free) standies RusselH made available on DA are the most authentic-looking ponies I can get, so they're what I'm sticking with.

  32. aimee says:

    I've been a MLP collector (off and on) since 1994, when I was 15 and "working" in a thrift store, where they "paid" me in unsellable items, which included any old My Little Ponies that were not in pristine condition (they just actually couldn't afford to pay me, but Ponies and vintage clothing was A-OK with me!). Prior to that I was a RABID MLP fan as a child… up until those STUPID commercials with the "My Little Pony Mommy" theme song came about. This tactic of having little girls pretend these horse-like things are their children creeps me out. I never played like that when I was little. Who are these weird children? WHO IS RAISING THESE KIDS TO THINK ANIMALS ARE THEIR KIDS!!!!Along comes G2, and I am excited. I have a job, I can buy things I don't need. It starts off strong (in my opinion, I thought they were kind of cute) with fun color combinations (I still love clever clover). And then BOOM, right back into babyville and pretending these damn rainbow horses are children.G3 comes along, really harkening back to the original line, and within 3 years it too descended into the hellish depths of BABYVILLE.On the very cusp of G3.5 (where it's basically the same few characters and they look all weird and deformed and it's ALL about the babies and their accessories)I witnessed firsthand where this hellish disconnect comes from. When the first My Little Pony Fair happened in 2007, I went because it was in Providence (nearby) and because if you got there early enough there was a tour/Q&A of Hasbro's headquarters (and because I am morbidly curious sometimes). There the people at Hasbro pitched to us the way the line was going. The folks who were in charge of the line at the time didn't even really have a favorite character from when they were little. They were actually a little younger than a lot of the fans, and had grown up on the even MORE saccharine 90's stuff, the distilled, PC non-conflict shadows of the 80's cartoons. Which is saying a LOT.Basically they just test-market to 3-5 year old girls and decide from there that it is all pink and babies. A small group of them at that (because after all if a child is test-marketing a toy like My Little Pony, they will want children who are not super familiar with the line to get purer reactions. And what parents will sign their little girls up for this test marketing for a line called My Little Pony? Super girly girls who will want to play house, because parents of tomboys or edgier girls unfamiliar with the series will automatically assume it is too pastel-y princess-y for their girls) The concession the adult fans/older children got was the "art ponies" and the blank ponies. And that is all anyone except the kids who loved pink glitter and wanted to play mommy were going to get.This brings us to today, where despite the fact that Friendship is Magic is huge among adults (who really have the buying power; I know I force ponies on any little child that I can get away with buying gifts for without being creepy). And while the show is well-written and not revolving around that stupid notion of all little girls want to be mothers to rainbow-haired horse-things, it's STILL leaking into the toys. Have you heard what the large toy Princess Celestia says when you press a button? It's all "I love you, you're my best friend", "I love when you comb my mane and tail". That Sweetie Bell newborn monstrosity? "I love you Momma!". To HELLLLLLL with that.

  33. aimee says:

    @Foxxy, the folks in charge of the toy line were sitting in a room full of adult fans who asked those same questions/made those same criticisms and totally dismissed them all (right there and then no less) in 2007. It made me stop collecting for several years. They they maybe might be more receptive now that it seems that they have come to their senses a bit by putting Lauren Faust in charge and moving away from the COMPLETELY HORRIBLE cartoon format they had. I hope? Maybe?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I just want a toy that looks like the ponies in the show… at least a bit.

  35. Starty! says:

    Is HASBRO, guys! They do the same shit with TRANSFORMERS!

  36. Croop says:

    Hate it with Transformers, got over 160 of them and I had no choice but to get some of them because they are the only remade old gen molds.

  37. Croop says:

    Hate it with Transformers, got over 160 of them and I had no choice but to get some of them because they are the only remade old gen molds.

  38. Anonymous says:

    They almost look like bizarro counterparts of the mane cast.

  39. Anonymous says:

    They almost look like bizarro counterparts of the mane cast.

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