Story: Scooting Along

[Normal] Something Madmax requested and Squeek did, so you know it going to be good right?!

Description: Scootaloo show’s up at Rainbow Dash’s door in the middle of a storm. She claims eveything’s fine, but is it really?

Scooting Along

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19 Responses to Story: Scooting Along

  1. graham says:

    This is a great one and could easily win the ship-off. I D'awwww'd hardcore.

  2. madmax says:

    OH MY GODDESS!!!! I can't believe squeak finished this already ๐Ÿ™‚ now I have to bake him 41 cakes :Dthanks squeak!

  3. Malaka says:

    @madmaxThat's as many as 4 10s and then 1.And that's wonderful.

  4. uSea says:

    That was adorable, in character and well thought out.Loved it.

  5. A few mistakes here and there, but overall very enjoyable! Extremely cute.

  6. Pacce says:

    I really really liked that…I got a little heart warmified when Rainbow was looking for Scoot in the woods.

  7. Pecan says:

    Two words:Kawaii. Desu.*Hugs Scootaloo*

  8. Regal says:

    Great story. I think you did very well writing for Rainbow Dash.

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah i really liked this story and its a nice break from all the lesbian shipping ive read in the last few days

  10. SlyWit says:

    Hmm . . . there are sections of the prose that make me want to take it in as a little peer review and give you feedback on. Just small things, a mistake or two that newer writers are bound to make.But the reason I feel that way is because I enjoyed the story. It's interesting to me to see your talent creep up in everything you've written. You've got this natural way of leading everything to a heartfelt and satisfying climax.

  11. Midnight says:

    There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes, and the structure could do with some work, but it's an adorable story, please write more ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Blaze says:

    Good story. It made me feel quite happy! I believe that you captured RD's character pretty well and the ending was heart-warming. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Very nicely done, i wish they would make this into an episode.

  14. La Barata says:

    Brilliantly written. The only thing I find strange is pony parents trying to guide colts and fillies into a certain career. With the whole existance of cutie marks thing, it seems rather pointless, as they're each born with their own special destiny, which nobody can really have any effect on, as good as their intentions might be. Regardless, spectacularly done. Five stars for you.

  15. Mentor Dash wins! Scootamazing!

  16. Mentor Dash wins! Scootamazing!

  17. Roxor says:

    This was a nice take on the little pegasus.Maybe I should have a shot at writing something about her?

  18. Roxor says:

    This was a nice take on the little pegasus.Maybe I should have a shot at writing something about her?

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