Story: A Gift

[Shipping] A Rainbow Dash/Twilight fic by A.J.! Now with a new and improved title and part 2!

A Gift Part 1
A Gift Part 2

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7 Responses to Story: A Gift

  1. Pretty good! I found myself wondering what Twilight might have been dreaming about in more detail, but the story flowed well overall.

  2. Fairy Slayer says:

    It's a nice little slice o' life, though now I'm more curious than ever about what Twilight Sparkle was dreaming. ("Can you read my mind?… Do you know what it is… you do to me?"? If you make me explain that one then I'll feel really old. 🙂 ) Also, Rainbow Dash's Freudian slip was a nice hint on her end too.For a title, "Pillow Talk" may be too general. "..Gawk"? "..Hawk"? I'm sure there's a good pun waiting to be discovered.Thanks AJ.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Fairy SlayerThe worst scene ever put into a superhero flick? :PHonestly, if it weren't for John Williams' score, I wouldn't know what to do with anything past the Krypton and Smallville scenes of that movie, lol.I also liked this fic; I hope there's a sequel that reveals more about Twilight's dream, and if she ponies up and makes some move on Dash.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pssh, this is totally a shipping story. If a subtle one.Fun to read, though! Nice work, AJ.

  5. Fanloser says:

    @AnonymousAgreed, it's a shipping fic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Loved it. But please tell me there is more to come.

  7. Anonymous says:

    …Needs part 3

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