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Writefriend/Drawfriend Friend Off Event is GO!

I think I used this image recently.. oh well. Anyway, it looks like everyone is cool with another Writefriend/Drawfriend event.  So I’ll post it up! ***Update: Changed the Date, 2 weeks from now instead allowing bans to end.   The … Continue reading

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Story: Flowers and a Letter (Update Chapter 2!)

[Shipping] Some Twilight and Fluttershy stuff with a few other ponies thrown into the mix!  Author doesn’t speak English as his primary language so go easy on the grammar! Author: A.n.B.  Description: Twilight was just about to study the flowers … Continue reading

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Story: Wintergreen

[Normal] A Zecora Story! Her section could definitely use more now that she is a recurring character.  (Even if Trixie was way cooler) Description: Wintergreen is a bit of a loner, and with all the trouble he’s been in at … Continue reading

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Story: Little Pony

[Normal] I’m not sure if this should be considered grimdark.  Is it legal to spank your kids these days? I don’t really follow that stuff. Description: Apple Bloom gets in trouble. Little Pony

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Poll Results: Least Favorite Main Pony?

RARITY?!  You guys are dicks.

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Should We Do a Drawfriend/Writefriend Write off?

With half of our content producers banned from /co/, is it still viable to hold one of these in the schedule start-of-month time? Is there still any interest even, after the largely successful Valentines day ship off? If enough people … Continue reading

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Drawfriend Stuff #32

Lyra is my new waifu edition. Read more »

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Story: Coming Clean

[Shipping] HUMANIZED PONIES? IN MY EQUESTRIA?  …I guess. A new Gilda/Dash by Pacce! Description: Back in the old days Gilda had two fears: Dash discovering that Gilda had feelings for her and the girl’s shower room. Coming Clean Coming Clean (DA link)

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Story: The Day Equestria Ended (Update Part 2!)

[Grimdark] ZOMBIE PONIES! I suppose that was inevitable. Author: Icemane Description: A background pony is found (supposedy) dead on the everfree forest, after being gone for a few days. Twilight is to plan her funeral, and has a dark premonition … Continue reading

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Art: Crazy Good Customs

Holy crap these rock.  It’s a shame the state of toys these days wouldn’t allow something so intricate to be mass produced.  Or it’s a shame we haven’t thought of cost effective ways to mass produce stuff like this at … Continue reading

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