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Favorite Pony Poll Results

I see Trixie has been forgotten again… Damn Fall Weather Friends! She lost to CHERILEE? And I honestly didn’t think Twilight would win.  She is my favorite, but I figured I was in the minority. But seriously CHERILEE?

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Writefriend/Drawfriend Post day Is TOMORROW!

Are you ready for the Magic of Friendship?! We are all friends right? Anyway, This Writefriend/Drawfriend Friend off Event triggers/ends tomorrow.  (January 31, 2011).  Those that have contributed are asked to post their drawing/writing in threads tomorrow throughout the day.  … Continue reading

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Added Labels to Everything

I didn’t even realize these existed.    Labels are done.  Try them out, tell me what you think.  Let me know if something is Mis-labeled in the comments section of whatever post it is, or Tell me if I should add … Continue reading

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1080p Friendship is Magic Part 1(episode 1)

Still downloading it right now, but I’m throwing the link up again.  There are going to be so many new wallpapers from all these 1080p rips, I really wish blogger had more space to play with for image uploads, I’d … Continue reading

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Story: Collaborative Pinkie/Dash/Twilight shipping

[Shipping] Only on /co/. (why the hell do I like this stuff when it involves ponies?  I can't make it through a chick flick to save my life!)  Anyway, This was done by various bronies.  If you were one of … Continue reading

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Pony Color Guide

Plaster is going to make you pro at coloring ponies.  Use it well!  There are many ponies just begging for it in the drawfriend posts here. And a quick explanation from Plaster himself- “Here’s a rundown of this imageEverypony but … Continue reading

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Art: Drawfriend Stuff #8

If every new episode brings as much OC art stuff on /co/ as this one, I'm going to run out of space by the end of the month. Read more »

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Video: Super Ponybeat: Winter Wrap Up.

My ears are in heaven.

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Comic: I Came Powers

As if 1080p ponies wasn’t enough to make this night awesome, Madmax trumps it with a Trixie comic! Because Trixie trumps everything.

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1080p Fall Weather Friends Released

It’s so…beautiful… Apparently someone on usenet (if I’m even using that correctly) Has been uploading all of the episodes in insane quality.  Thanks to Mintos for Modifying it for us non-/g/ people that are still using old fashioned torrents and … Continue reading

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