Story: Dress Up Dash

[Normal] I think the main reason so few people write about Rarity, is because you can't really portray her awesome voice over work through writing.

At least I hope that's the case, cause I love her OCD.  The possibilities are endless with that!

If anyone has a title/author let me know!
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5 Responses to Story: Dress Up Dash

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love all the Rarity I can get!

  2. Somepony says:

    ugh. I just can't stand reading things written in the 1st person….

  3. Not bad, I liked it. Good to see some Rarity/Rainbow Dash interaction.

  4. Hehe, not bad. I think their dialogue could have been a bit livelier at certain points (especially towards the beginning), but otherwise a pretty good fic.

  5. Roxor says:

    The story was alright, but the formatting sucks.Seriously? How computer-illiterate do you have to be to post a story as images?

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