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Story: Fly Me to the Moon

[Normal] I think it was Bayonetta that really made me like this song.  That game was awesome. But so is this. Written by A.J. For the Friendoff thing. Read more »

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Look, I added a search box and made categories a dropdown menu. Also Episode Download Links. Also Streams I learn something new every day. Let me know if they are useful at all to you.  At least typing pony names … Continue reading

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Story: Fluttershy Meets Creeper

[Crossover] Hsssssssssssss.  My Little Pony meets minecraft. Read more »

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Story: Call of the Derpy

  [Normal] More Derpy Hooves from Pacce Description: Needed Call of the Derpy

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Story: Applejack/Big mac (Untitled)

[Shipping] Written by A.J. Applejack and Big mac Stuff! Description: Need Description Read more »

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Art: Drawfriend Friend Off #1

No but seriously, I didn't plan this. I will be collecting entries in this post throughout the day.  If it gets too big i'll make a second post for more. If you reallly want to make it easy to for … Continue reading

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Comic: Dash boobs (Madmax)

At least I think that is the title.  Let me know if it’s not!

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