Neat Derpy Knockoff on Taobao

Taobao has these Derpy toys up for sale on one of their random shops.  While they are usually a good source for really early toys (The 3rd generation blindbags with colts and Trixie came out early a while back) I’m pretty sure this isn’t real.  This site tends to have lots of random clones/prototypes from people that work in the actual factories over there.  

Check out the page for it here!  It’s actually really well done!  Hopefully something like that will be a reality in the future.   It looks like you can buy one if you really want to though!

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"It’s About Time" Expanded Synopsis

Time for some more expanded synopsis goodness! I'd say the image is kind of fitting, maybe?

Check it out after the break!

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Story Updates March 7th (Midnight)

Have some story updates to go with your ridiculously short roundup!

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Nightly Roundup #262

Ridiculously early roundup!? That's what happens when it's short!

Have some news.

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Wireframe Pony Sculpture

We have had ponies made out of pipecleaners, felt, paper, and pretty much everything else non-lethal you can think of, so why not add another one to the list! This is a wireframe pony contructed by an artist named David Deuchar at Indiana University.  Apparently something like that takes fourty hours of work! I have to admit, I didn’t even know this medium existed outside of the 3D modeling in the virtual world.

Now we need to make a giant one and convert it into a bridge! Wouldn’t that be neat..?

Comments Derped on the other one! You can find the old stuff here.  

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Simple PMV: Jackie’s 99 Problems / Pony Mead / Potently Limy: Herding is Pacifism / Rainbow Dash- Skyscraper

Simple PMV time! As a reminder, simple does not mean bad. Simple simply means they focus more on a story, or simple scenes as opposed to blinding effects and crazyness.

Check them all out below!

1.) PMV – Jackie's 99 Problems (And the Apples Ain't One)
2.) Pony Mead
3.) Potently Limy: Herding is Pacifism
4.) Rainbow Dash- Skyscraper

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Instrumental Music: Deae Lunae (Thorinair Remix) / Party Cannon (Aussie Remix) / Stone Cold /Divinity (Rarity’s theme) / Study of the Ancient Art

Instrumental time! No words allowed!

We have genres next to their specific songs, check them all out below.

1.) Makkon – Deae Lunae (Thorinair Remix) – Orchestral/Dance
2.) Silva Hound – Party Cannon (Aussie Remix) – Electronic
3.) Stone Cold – Piano/Percussion
4.) pRK- Divinity (Rarity's theme) – Piano/Dance/Electronic
5.) pRK- Study of the Ancient Art (Twilight Sparkle's theme) – Electronic / Drums and Bass

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